3-way Red DIMMER and Companion display LED correctly, BUT no lights come On

I’ve been using Red DIMMER as a no load for over a year, but decided to wire it, With Neutral, into a 3-way setup and use a GE Companion switch.

BOTH Local and Z-Wave control work at Both switches, with the LED Status display on Inovelli ramping up or down, verbal dimming commands are seen adjusting on the LED status bar as well…

BUT NO Lights come on! I’ve looked for loose wires, everything seems ok.

Parameter to Change???

The Switch Type should be set to 3-way momentary for use with an Aux switch.

What do you mean by “Z-Wave control work at Both switches”? The Aux doesn’t have a radio and therefore can’t be controlled by Z-wave.

How confident are you in your wiring configuration?

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

Re. Z-Wave - what I meant was “Remote commands” of the On, off, Dim, bright, all work.

AT each switch, the Ge-Enlighten companion, AND the Inovelli, pressing on or off work as do the dim and bright presses at either switch… you see the Blue LED Bar ramp-on, ramp-off, as well as display the dimmer setting if not at 100%… Just that the lights, in 2 locations, do not come on…

So I guess the wiring to control the 2 switches is good… But I’m not sure what is occurring after.

PLEASE Explain the "3-way Momentary? Maybe there is another parameter i need to set… I’ve set parameters 21 and 22 (12 and 13 at the switch, where I did it), twice now, to be sure…

Yes, those are the right parameters to set.

P21 is the AC Power Type
Use to select whether or not your switch is wired in a neutral or non-neutral setup
0 = Non-Neutral, 1 = Neutral

P21 should be set to one or the other, depending on your wiring.

P22 is the Switch Type
Use to select what scenario your switch is wired – single pole, multi-switch w/dumb (existing) switch, or multi-switch w/auxiliary (add-on) switch
0 = Single-Pole,
1 = Multi-Switch Setup (Dumb/Existing)
2 = Multi-Switch Setup (Aux/Add-On)

When you are using an Aux switch, P22 should be to “2”, which is the “Momentary” setting that is correct for an Aux switch.

If P22 is set correctly, can you explain or draw how you have it wired? If we don’t get it with that we’ll ask for pics of your boxes.

I understand you’re setting the parameters at the switch. Which hub are you using? I’d confirm/set the parameters there.

Red Dimmer Manual:

Thanks for the feedback.
I will continue tomorrow.

Hub is Universal Devices. ISY994 zwave

Hi everyone.
Thanks for your replies.
Today I opened the boxes up and to my surprise, the black load wire had broken at the insertion point to the Inovelli…
This wire was Wrapped around a screw on the old switch and I had straightened it out before inserting it, but I guess it broke when I pushed the inovelli into the box…
So it is Working…
Next I’d like to create some LED Effects on the switch - I’ll have to dig around for that. Thanks!!!

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