3 Way Setup with ST Dimming

I have tired to find a thread that i could follow but no luck. Sorry if this is a repeat.

I have a 3way setup. 3 Red Dimmers. I have wired them like this. 1st Switch is wired with neutral and controls the Load. 2nd Switch is wired with hot and neutral. And the 3rd Switch is the same. Both 2nd and 3rd Switch do not have any load or traveler.

I have learned all 3 switches to Smart Things. The 1st Switch controls the lights no problem. Switch 2 and 3 i have configured with Smartthing/ Smart app / Smart lighting. I have switch 2,3 set to mirror switch 1. and a setup where switch 1 mirrors switch 2,3.

Things are working. However i fell like i am doing this wrong. As the controls from 2,3 are slow to control the lights. And when trying to dim the lights dont change until the dimmer button on 2 or 3 are released.

Any direction to have these switches be more responsive. Or should i rewire everything using the traveler wire light a typical configuration? If so how do i configure the switches in ST or the settings to work properly.

That is actually a 4 way. Since ST runs in the cloud using smart lighting with be slow. You want to do associations.

The load switch is the primary. The two non load switches are secondary. Associate the primary to each secondary in both directors with group 3 and 4. Set param 12 (association behavior) to 11 on both secondaries.

Thank you for the info. I will try and go back and see if I can get the association tool working. All the data shows the old version of ST and not the new. So following along is a bit tough. I might be missing one of the IDE’s.

@Eric_Inovelli looks like the docs need to be updated.

@mjgstiger here is a screenshot from my setup.

Set param 12 to 11 on secondaries

Ok i have checked and created both IDE in my handler as noted in the How To. How ever when i goto the Smart App i dont see the Association Tool on my phone. I assume after the handler is loaded i should be able to find the association tool?

It’s in SmartApps under “Z-Wave Association Tool”

I think that is where i am failing. I dont see the association tool under smart apps. I am wondering if i missed a step in creating the device handler.

You need to create it under SmartApps, not device handler

Ok i am headed in a better direction now. For some reason i went direct to the handlers. I assume its the same type of configuration from code as a handler.

It’s all written in groovy. Same type of entry to setup.

It should be the same – just you have a cool dark background :wink:

But, I’ll take a look!

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Ok i have both of them loaded. Association and Association Tool. Now back to see which one i need to use first. Thank you all for the help on this one. I great at somethings but this one got me.


Ok i am getting closer. I have been able to associate as described. Primary to Secondary with Group 3 and 4. And set secondary behavior to 11. But no response from the switch yet. I feel like i am still missing a step. in there some where.

You need association in both directions. Primary to secondary and secondary to primary.

@stu1811 Trying to figure out what needs to be updated. That first article is just links to the handlers and a quick summary. It shows associations with groups two and four. What are you thinking needs to be updated?

Copy not sure how i missed that. Going to give it a go now. Have the first one done. i will report back.

I thought @mjgstiger said the directions were from the classic app.

He did, but those instructions just pertain to the smart app, not the ST app. The second article is not related to any hub.

Thank you Team. I was able to successfully get 1 of the switches working. I ended up adding groups 2, 3, 4. Since i got some mixed data. In the link it says groups 2,4 and in the thread it said groups 3,4.

I am going to work on association to the 3rd switch. The response is great and super fast now. Thank you all for the help. I hope to be able to return the assistance down the road.

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2nd Secondary Switch works just as well. The only thing i see is the led status does not follow on all switches. Ie between the 2 secondary switches. If i turn on the primary both secondary’s mimic the led brightness. But if i turn on from a Secondary the other secondary does not mimic the led status. Does this mean i need to associate both secondary’s to each other as well?