3-way switches and smart bulbs

Reading every available post on 3 way switches and smart bulbs control and still having questions…

What I want is to have light switches control smart bulbs. Dimming them and turning them on/off. As well have them controlled through my SmartThings hub for automations.

Confirming what I know.

  1. To allow Smartthings control with a 3 way switch I cannot use an dumb switch paired with a Red Series dimmer, as the dumb switch will cut power to light thereby removing from Smartthings. Or does the relay bypass on the red series dimmer allow a dumb switch not to actually cut power to the light?

  2. Using a Aux (like a GE switch) with red series dimmer, will allow continued control through Smartthings hub for automations no matter which switch is used… like having a motion sensor work with a smart bulb when either light switch has turned off the bulb?

Questions. Can one use the red smart dimmer v2 or later with an aux in a 3 way set up with Smartthings hub without using Device Handlers… I want to only use the new samsung Smartthings app without any additional programming! So I need the relay bypass to work without additional DH installation.
Will this happen when Inovelli achieves the “Works with SmartThings” seal?

So to sum up…Control smart bulbs without installing DH into smartthings on 3 way switches.

Thanks to any and all help.


Take a look at this thread when you get a chance,

  1. Correct! You cannot use a dumb switch - it will cut power to the bulbs. Relay would not help in this case.

  2. In theory this should work

  3. Yes you can use the dimmer on the new smart app without the device handler - it will be listed as a [generic Z-wave dimmer]. You would have to setup the parameters on the switch itself to disable relay and that you are using it in a 3-way.

FYI - device handlers take less than 5 minutes to create & publish. In the new SmartThings app, you can now edit advance functions

I think this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Not sure about your question on the handlers.

Thank you for your responses. Being able to set up control on the actual switch is what I needed to know. I previously purchased like 4 GE aux switches on Amazon.ca. So I have them ready to go. Now I wait for the new dimmers to go in sale for Canada.

Once again thank you for both responders.


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