3-Way with dumb switch slow to turn on and inconsistent

I’ve got 2 LZW31-SN Red Dimmers that I have in a 3 way configuration (in the same box). Each one controls half of my kitchen lights with the dumb switch in a different box on the other side of the kitchen. They are configured with the Line and Load in the same box as the smart switch, and with neutral wiring. They are each powering 3-4 indoor LED flood(?) lights. with the sort of flatter and wider bulb surface to them.

I’ve got everything working almost perfectly now. The smart switches operate perfectly from their own paddles, but not quite when toggling from the dumb switch. Turning off works immediately and perfectly. However, turning on takes a good 1.5 seconds to register, and every now and again will just completely not register and then state of the toggle effectively flips. Then toggling again will then turn on the lights. It also will get confused and miss a toggle if you happen to toggle quickly a few times.

I didn’t quite find another problem like this in the forum. Someone had mentioned something about a capacitor in the lights or wiring that would throw the detection of the switch off, but I’m not sure if that makes sense here.

Looks like the same issue as @AlreadySleepy posted.

Ah, I actually think I ran across that thread. But, there is no solution in that thread either :frowning:.

Highly recommend an aux switch. I know it’s more cost, but it will make this so much better.

Okay, that’s an idea. Hoping I can do something that doesn’t involve spending even more money haha.

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So I’m clear, you have:

  • Two LZW31-SN’s in the same box.
  • The lights are coming to that box as well.
  • Each LZW31-SN has a dumb 3Way on the other end of a 3 wire Romex cable.
  • Except for power the two LZW31-SN’s are completely separate with no other common wiring.
  • Both LZW31-SN are slow when switching with the dumb 3-Way
    Is this correct?

Have you verified the smart switch parameter 22 = 1?

Is your wiring like this:

You are mostly correct with my setup. Both dumb switches are also in the same box, but they have no common wiring. Just the 3 (4 w/ ground) wire with traveler hooked up to each.

In the smart switch box the neutral from the power and the lights are all put together and then to the neutral on each switch. Then the hot line wire from power is coming in to a pigtail, then to each line on the switches.

Both dumb switches behave the same way, reacting slowly to a change in their state when the lights are off. If the lights are on, the switch is immediate to turn them off.


Sorry, yes. Both switches are set to 3 way toggle, which is 1 in HomeAssistant.

I’m going to assume the dimmers are not both defective for not other reason than the odds are against this being the case.

That leves:

  1. Parameter 22 is not 1 even though HA told it to be 1. This had cropped up as an earlier issue. Can HA “read” the parameter from the switch to verify the value? Could you set the parameter to 2 then back to 1?
  2. What is the dim level when the switch is turning the lights ON? Not sure why it would be different between ON at the dimmer and ON at the 3-way.
  3. The only other factor I can think of is the load. Can you temporarily connect an incandescent bulb (60W would be great) in one of the circuits?

I verified the parameter was set correctly by restarting home assistant, then navigating back and re-reading the value.

I may have figured this out by telling the switch that the Maximum Level is something lower than 99. I think this depends maybe on the switch and the load, but both switches now appear to work. One at like 75, the other a bit lower. The lights no longer switch off randomly. I believe I read a post that may have said it might be an overheating issue with the switch, so that could be it.

I also updated the firmware on 1 of the switches only to the newest beta firmware for this dimmer. I can confirm it still has the issue.