4 Way with Red Dimmer & 2 Aux switches not always working

I have an Inovellie LZW31-SN with 2 Aux Switches wired like in the diagram below.
4 Way
It has worked fine for a month or two, but on occasion the aux switches may need to have the toggles pushed about 5 or more times to make the lights work. The Inovelli dimmer works every time. Its just the GE Aux switches that have the issue of not turning the lights off or on.
Does anybody have any suggestions or advice? Could the Aux switches be bad?

Mine had an issue like this when the parameter was set to 3 way toggle. No issues after selecting 3 way momentary and Save Device.

The parameter was set to 3 way momentary

Wonder if non neutral is causing an issue. I find it hard to believe two aux switches failing similarly. Why didn’t you send neutrals to aux switches if it’s available in box?

Its a non neutral installation. There is no way to get a neutral to the Inovelli dimmer.
BryInovelli Insider helped me with the wiring and I believe its the best set up. The “line” connects to the Neutral on the Aux. switches.

Sorry for long reply. The website was down for me.

Yes, line can be used. Just wasn’t sure if there was another reason.

Yep, it’s frustrating when something works for a while then stops. It suggests that at least the wiring is correct.

A couple suggestions, although this is just a shot in the dark on my part.

1 - Isolate the Auxs one at a time to see if that changes anything. You can pull the red off the last one and then use just the middle one for a while. Or pull and cap the two reds in the middle one together and use the one on the end for a while.

Yes, the GEs can fail, but so can something in the Inovelli, so this may be a process of elimination.

Not sure what your load is, but if they’re not incandescent, you can try a bypass to see if it increases reliability. A load increase on a circuit may drop the voltage which can adversely impact non-neutral performance.

By any chance, was there a bulb change?

No bulb change. The load are LED BR30 dimmable bulbs.
I’ll have to disconnect the Aux like you said and test them when I have time. I m have a couple of spare bypass, I can had one also and see if that helps.
My biggest problem with them now is: I never know if its going to work. It works one day and not the next. Or it may work just fine for a couple of weeks. Then all of a sudden, I have to press it 5 or 6 times to make it come on.
After it does come on, from the Aux switch, it seems to work OK for awhile.
I dont have time right now to play with it, but when I do get it figured out, I’ll report back

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I have the same issue with a 3-way non-neutral setup. I’ve just assumed it is because of the non-neutral, and plan to rewire to have neutral at some point (probably when I’m done upgrading everything to smart switches). That will be better too, because then I won’t have to rely on this aux switch, which is more limited. I plan to get an Inovelli switch set up via direct association.

Another solution might be available to you once the new Inovelli pico remote is available (project BFF). It was originally scheduled to come out in 2020, but now looks to be coming out in beginning of 2021.
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2020 Product Roadmap - News, Updates & Roadmap / Product Roadmap - Inovelli Community