800 Red Series 2-1 Switch - Multiway w/ Dumb Switch

I am installing my new 800 Red Series 2-1 Switch. I am using a 3 way configuration with the remote switch being a dumb switch. I have followed and confirmed the wiring installation found here

Using the * 3-Way = Two (2) switches controlling one (1) load

When the switch is configured in single pole or multi-way with aux the light works from the main switch but when I turn the power off from the dummy switch the main switch looses power. When I configured the switch to multi-way with dumb switch when the turn the light off the switch just clicks over and over again

(here is a link to the video as a new user I cannot upload the video directly to this post)

Another note there are to lights on the load side but I not sure that should be a factor.


Post the schematic you think matches your configuration. "Two switches controlling one load: describes a 3-way generally, but is not specific to the topology.

Can you explain further. I think you meant “no” lights on the load side, but the Load is the lights, so I’m not following.

I’m am thinking you possibly have a line in one box and the load in the other? Is that correct?

Here is the direct topology I am using


I meant to say there are two lights on the load side not “to” hope that makes more sense

Okay, got it, thanks. So you have a line and load in the same box.

In the Inovelli box, remove the conductors from the load and the traveler terminals. Energize the circuit and then flip the dumb switch back and forth. Does the Inovelli remain powered up full time?

@Bry I think I understand the test, what I did is removed the white Load wire and the red traveler wire from the back of the inovelli switch. Then restored power. When I did this the inovelli switch had no power.

I then reconnected the load wire (leaving the traveler wire disconnected) and restored power to the switch was back to the flashing state.

Finally I removed the load wire and restored just the traveler wire and restored power to the switch the switch had no power.

I am confused as to why the switch would have no power unless the load wire is connected as that should just be coming from the dumb switch shouldn’t the inovelli switch power up with just neutral and line?

You are correct, and that is why I had you test in that manner. The fact that the Inovelli does not power up with just the line and load terminals connected suggests that the wiring is incorrect.

So of your explanation doesn’t seem correct to me. In a line and load in the same box configuration, presuming you are using Romex, there will be 3 Romex in the Inovelli box that pertain to this switch leg. Two of the Romex will be 2-wire and the third will be a 3-wire.

The 3-wire goes to the other switch box.

One of the 2-wires is a hot an neutral. The other 2-wire is the switched load to the light.

The two 2-wire Romex are not interchangeable wiring-wise. Did you test the two 2-wires to determine which was the line and which was the load? I suspect that you haven’t properly identified your conductors.

If you are really confused about this, we can configure one step at a time. Let me know.


@Bry I have a voltmeter and I will do some testing on the wires to validate line verses load and report back what I found

Thanks for the guidance.

@Bry Thanks so much for the help figured out the problem based upon visual inspection I made the wrong assumption on what was line, turns out the old setup had line bound to common on the switch so this meant when I setup the switch up line was only accessible via common thus the issue once the light was turned off.

So I fixed the wiring and all worked!

Thanks for helping me break this down to the logical problem, only sad I didn’t think of this on my own.

Lesson learned validate line don’t just assume :slight_smile:

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