Annoying Blue 2-1 Behavior w grouped Hue downlights

Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I could not find anything relevant.

I have several instances of Blue 2-1 switches bound to Hue retrofit downlights. The downlights are in zigbee groups created by the Hubitat Groups & Scenes app, and each switch is bound to a group. It works, but the dimming behavior is annoying. If you hold the paddle up the lights increase, but when you release the paddle the lights dim a bit. Likewise, if you hold the paddle down the lights decrease but when you release the paddle the lights get a bit brighter.

It’s as if holding the paddle up sends a startLevelChange command to the downlights, then when the paddle is released it sends a stopLevelChange command followed by a setLevel to whatever the internal level of the 2-1 is at, which is higher or lower than the level the downlights are actually at. I’m guessing the “dim up/down” speed of the Hue downlights is faster than the speed of the 2-1.

Adjusting some parameter(s) of the 2-1 and/or the Hue downlights would probably fix the issue, but where to start? There’s a bewildering array of ramp rate and dimming speeds on the 2-1’s and the Hue downlights also have configurable dim up transition, dim down transition and level change rate settings. Lots of permutations to experiment with, and I envision going down a rat hole that will consume a lot of time.

Should I try to make the downlights match the dimming speed of the 2-1, or vice versa, or is the problem something else entirely?

Has anyone else seem this behavior and figured out how to fix it?

I don’t use Hubitat (Home Assistant with Z2M) but I found including the switch (endpoint 1, level control) in the group and then binding it to group solved these issues.

Thanks. I tried adding the switch to the group that already included the downlights, but that just made things worse; the paddles sometimes became unresponsive and I had to reset the switch.

Hubitat’s support for zigbee groups kinda sucks. A “group” in Hubitat may or may not create a Zigbee group depending on whether you enable that option or not (and at least some of the devices in the “group” are Zigbee devices that support group messaging), but the documentation sucks as well and there’s no control over endpoints or anything else.

There are some people on the forums who know Hubitat well and may have some ideas. Best of luck resolving the issue.

I am seeing the exact same behavior, although I am using Home Assistant with Zigbee2MQTT. I have the bulbs and switch in a group together and have bound the switch to the group, but still get the small change in level after releasing the switch. Still looking for a solution.

What firmware? I believe 2.15 had some fixes with group binding.

Firmware is 2.15. Anything jump out as being wrong by any chance?

Everything looks the same as mine except for the binding section on the switch. I only have level control bound and not on/off. Try removing that and see?

Appreciate the quick reply, unfortunately still seeing the same issue. Will continue messing with settings!

I believe if you mess with parameter 1 and increase it a bit, you can get it in sync a little more. Maybe try 30 or 35. The bulbs have their own dimming duration and are following that so we have to change the switch to match as close as possible.

Try setting the group transition value to match what you have set on the blue itself. Eric’s comment reminded me that I have both set to 2 seconds…

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