Anyone else having issues with the Ilumin RGB bulbs? Mine are super unreliable

I love these bulbs in theory, but I am having tons of issues with them dropping from my network. Ive had to repair them probably 4 or 5 times since getting them 2 months ago. Yesterday, after I added a new red series switch to my network, both bulbs I have completely dissapeared from my network again and are showing as dead nodes.

Curious if anyone else has experianced this?

I have a Hubitat hub and have had no issues at all with the ilumin bulbs. Admittedly mine are not far from the hub and my network has been super stable (i.e. no dropout issues with anything).

Hey @pizzapants – I know this is an old topic, but I’m going through and cleaning up the forums a bit to try to close some of these topics out.

Curious if you got this sorted out? If not (and you haven’t returned them or thrown them out), one other thing you could try is the new beta firmware. Some hubs had some issues with S0 flooding their network and this may possibly be what’s happening.

I had this issue on Hubitat and once I removed/repaired everything non-secure, everything works flawlessly.

Here’s the beta firmware if interested: Firmware v2.31 (Beta) | LZW42 | RGBW Bulb

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how can you tell what security method they are paired as? and can you provide me on how to pair them non secure… i have over 30 and sometimes they are quite unreliable…

is there an advantage fo one over the other?