Are any Inovelli dimmers compatible with Lithonia LED wafers?

I set up a Red Series Dimmer Switch (LZW31-SN) this week to control a set of ten Lithonia LED wafers. Unfortunately after wiring up the dimmer, the lights flicker regardless of the intensity. I tried both neutral and non-neutral modes. This is a single pole application.

Upon checking the compatibility list I had bookmarked (Copy of Compatibility List - Google Sheets), I see that these lights are marked as NOT compatible. The exact model is Lithonia Lighting WF4 30K40K50K 90CRI MB M6 LED, seen here:

I can’t remember where I found this compatibility list and it’s not clear which models of Inovelli dimmers (switches?) it applies to. I did find previous posts in these forums from others who ran into issues with these lights and the Red Dimmers, but found no one discussing the more recent Inovelli switches. My question is, would any of these more recent switches (Blue series, Red Series 2-1) potentially be compatible with these lights?

I’m not able to change out the lights at this stage, but I would like to use an Inovelli dimmer if I can for consistency with the rest of the switches around the home. What are my options? Thanks!

Potentially with the leading edge / trailing edge waveform. No guarantee though.

Thanks for the prompt reply! It’s been a while since I’ve been the forums and I’m not familiar with the concepts of leading edge / trailing edge waveforms, is that a feature that’s present on a specific Inovelli dimmer model that I should try? Is there an existing thread where I can read up more on it? Thanks again!

This is only available on the newer gen 3 products; 2-1 (Blue or Red). If you want to read up on the whole event check out:

Hey thanks for the pointer, I really appreciate it.

I picked up a 2-1 Red switch on Amazon this morning and installed it in the same location. The LED wafer lights dimmed correctly when I first hooked up the switch. Intensity up, down, power on, off, everything worked flawlessly.

The switch shipped with firmwre version 1.0. After updating the firmware to 1.2, the previous strobing / flickering behavior returned. This confirmed your suspicion about leading vs trailing edge (because the default was changed from trailing to leading edge in firmware 1.1).

Sure enough, after reconfiguring the switch to use trailing edge, the dimmer and the lights worked as expected once again.

Leaving these notes here in case someone else runs into a similar issue in the future. Thanks again, @harjms!

You totally solved my problem. I could have sworn my cabinet lights dimmed perfectly and then started flickering a week later. It was the formware update from 1.0 to 1.2 and the trailing/leading change. All good now, so thanks!

Do you notice any audible buzzing coming from the dimmer?

I used to have the Luthuania 4" flat LEDs and had to remove them since they weren’t compatible with the gen2 Red dimmer. I switched them to an unbranded/no name LED from Amazon and they worked acceptably, but not great. Then I upgraded the dimmers to the new Blue Zigbee dimmers and ever since the dimmers make a loud buzzing noise. I even RMA’d one of my dimmers it was so loud but the replacement did the same thing so now I just live with it.

What this all comes down to is… I’d like to switch back to the Lithuania LED’s since it seems like you guys have gotten them to work with the newer generation dimmers, but just want to make sure they don’t buzz.

I’m successfully using Lithonia wf-3 with the blues in trailing edge mode.

Hold the Down paddle and tap config 13x. It’ll flash teal and then they work wonderfully.