Black On/Off switch + Illumin bulb association?

I’ve got a Black On/Off switch that controls a wall outlet.
I have a new Illumin bulb screwed into the lamp that is plugged into that outlet.

I’d like to use Z-Wave association to have the switch control the bulb. I will disable local (and possibly remote) control of the switch if I can get the association working.

I’ve create the association according to [HOW-TO] Using the Z-Wave Association Tool in SmartThings, and disabled local control on the switch but the switch doesn’t do anything.

I have checked the troubleshooting section of that article and verified that both are included with security.

Do I need to use a Red Series (On/Off or Dimmer) for this?

-Tex Clayton

It could be a couple things. Can you post some screenshots of the device data & preferences for the switch? Looks like this:


I cleared the associations and started over today using the instructions at

And I’m happy to report that the association now works as expected. The switch is disabled locally (and remotely), but operates the bulb. Now to set up scenes…