Black Series Scene Control with New Firmware - howto?

Hello - so based on this thread the BETA firmware has basic scene control for the black series dimmer LZW31. I upgraded the firmware to 1.52 beta on one of them (which in of itself was an adventure, but I think I can do it pretty fast moving forward). So being a total newbie here, what’s next in order to configure scene control from the config button (at least that’s how I read your statement). Searching around, I was trying to follow the instructions on setting up the scene control for the red series. I got to the part in Lighting App where you supposedly can select a virtual button, except I don’t see any buttons (smartthing said no buttons available or something like that). I then searched around some more and watched a youtube video that indicates I need something called Advanced Button Controller smart app? So I found the maintained link I think maintained by one of your engineers and installed that via the SmartThings IDE. Tried playing with that but the app crashes (says "we’re having trouble connecting…check network connection) when I try to create a new button mapping. So I assume I don’t have the right app.

At this point I think I’m shooting in the dark. I am wondering do I need a LZW31 device handler with scene control? I tried looking for one but I don’t see anything.

Please any guidance on using the updated firmware (v1.52) to get the scene control would be helpful.

Yeah, thanks for pointing this out. I think we need to update the device handler to allow scenes and for ST to recognize this as a button device (tagging @EricM_Inovelli for reference).

What you could do in the meantime is install the Red Series device handler and see if that works? In theory it should work, you just have to ignore all the advanced features in the settings (ie: notifications, power monitoring, etc).

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Thank you for the quick reply! I switch to the red series dimmer device handle and now I can see the buttons in the lighting configuration! I set the smart bulb option and set button 2 to trigger a scene (which is what I thought I read in the firmware release notes) - no joy. I tried button 1 and my scene triggered! Cool. However I was hoping to use the button 2 (Teo push or held) as I’d like to keep the single tap for turning on or off. Did I read the release notes correctly?

Anyway this is promising!

FYI, I released a device handler update that adds the config button scenes for the lzw31.

SmartThingsInovelli/inovelli-dimmer-lzw31.groovy at master · InovelliUSA/SmartThingsInovelli (


Awesome ! Is it still the latest beta firmware for the back series or has the scene functionality rolled into a recent production firmware version?

Okay I got around to trying this with my Lzw31 black series dimmer. I updated the firmware to 1.52 beta (I assume that is the latest). I pulled in this device handler, I have the existing child handler device already installed. I go to new smart app/smart lighting, choose button and I don’t see my switch listed there - I only see the red series ones I have. What am I missing? Looking at the comments in the device handler it says something about firmware 1.56 but i cannot find it. Any help appreciated. I really would like to use the screne control from my black series dimmers. Thanks

@miker2069 – there is a file there now labeled 1.56. I’m not sure when it was added – apologies for the confusion, but could you try updating to 1.56?

Some changes/ReadMe would be nice. After updating to the 1.56 in that location the switch reports back firmware version 1.57 :confused:

Yeah looks like @EricM_Inovelli maybe got sidetracked updating the changelog.

We keep it here for reference:

Sometimes things slip through the cracks :frowning:

I’m not sure why it’s reporting 1.57, I’ll have to wait for Eric M to respond.

Does the button reporting work at least?

I’m not using an AUX switch so I don’t think anything changed for me. I have been using 1.52 for a while in order to use the config button for addtiional control (which works great!)

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I’m a couple hours from trying out 1.56 but I’m curious that 1.52 works for @aamann (you can see the button options). I am using my black series dimmer with a GE aux switch in 3 way. Does it matter if the switch is configured for 2 way or 3 way?

Also @aamann are you using the 6.3.21 DTH? The last time I tried 1.52 on another black series dimmer several months ago @Eric_Inovelli suggested using the red series DTH (since there wasn’t an updated one for 1.52 beta at the time). It kinda worked, I saw the button but things were quirky so I went back to the stock DTH.

I will update to 1.56 and see what happens.

I am using the latest DTH available via Hubitat Package Manager which according to the changeling at the top was last changed on 2021-05-26.

unfortunately I tried 1.56 and it pretty much made my switch inoperable. Going back to 1.52.

I went back to 1.52 and I can use the switch again.

I also tried the red series dimmer dth and I can see the buttons in smart app/smart lighting.

I’m using smartthings so if I had to guess, the Smartthings dth 6.0.3 does not work.

Is it possible a previous version works? If so I’m willing to test I’m assuming I could find previous versions on the github page?

1.56 (reporting itself as 1.57) seems to break the config button push - going back to 1.52 as well…

@EricM_Inovelli can you look into this when you get a chance?


Hi @miker2069 . I changed the lzw31 device handler to support the button capability. It should work with firmware 1.52, but let me know if it doesn’t. I need to do some checking, but I believe 1.52 is the only firmware version that supports the config button scenes on the black series.


Hi Eric, the updated DTH did the trick! After the update, KAPOW - I can now see my black series (with firmware 1.52) switch in the button selection of a Smart Lighting App. Even cooler after disabling local control, setting it to smart bulb mode, and configuration the “push” (single press on up paddle) and “held” (single press on down paddle) - I can now control my Philips Wiz Bulb on/off state (prior to this I was physically cutting power which created all sorts of issues as if you flip the power to many times in Wiz bulbs they go into a reset state). So now I can walk up to the switch and intuitively do the right thing to turn on/off and my ST and Alexa automations can better control the WIZ bulb. Prior to this my automation had to factor in turning on the switch, waiting for the WIZ bulb to come online, then do whatever - this failed more often than not. Now that my bulb stays on, I can adjust my automations to be faster.

A very long winded way of saying this solved a LOT of issues for me. I have red series so I know I can do all of this with those switches but now my black series switches are just as “smart”.

I’ve been on a quest to get my Wiz bulbs working like this for a long time (in fact my first post here was about Wiz Bulbs about a year ago). THANK YOU for making this work!


No problem. Glad that it is working out for you!