Blue Dimmer + Tradfri bulb problems

Hi all! I’m having a pretty strange problem with two Ikea Tradfri 800lm bulbs. First, an explanation of the setup: I’ve got an Inovelli Blue Dimmer in a no-neutral, no-ground setup, running to a Jasco LED Lighting Bypass behind an old style two-bulb fixture. I’ve got the Blue in Smart Bulb mode. I’ve bound the two bulbs and the switch to a group in Z2M. Control seems like it works okay.

Here’s the rub: when I dim the lights all the way down, the blue switch turns completely off. Plugging in a “dumb” bulb to one socket will restart it. The switch remains on when all bulbs are taken out, indicating the bypass is installed correctly and of sufficient capacity to drive the switch.

One Tradfri and one “dumb” bulb shows the following: the Tradfri will dim to 0 as anticipated, but the “dumb” bulb will flicker. Bringing the tradfri to 100% stops the “dumb” bulb flicker.

Two Hue soft whites in place of the Tradfri’s show no issues. Smart bulb mode appears to work as expected.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Same as this one. The switch is not getting enough power which causes it to turn off or reboot.

See my comments there.


That’s surprising! I figured if it could run on the bypass alone the rest of it could only add load to the circuit. Maybe I’m taxing the switch at a bad time? I’ll try to double up on the bypass and see if that resolves the issue. Thanks so much!

To follow up: a second bypass did in fact do the trick. Thanks so much again for the assist! :smiley:

UPDATE: nah, just “more reliable” it still loses itself one in every three power offs now. Oh well, back to the Hue’s. This retrofit stuff is a pain.