Blue Fan Switch Question

Can’t help you there, but there’s some smart Z2M folks here that can assist with changing switch parameters.

Thanks for your reply!

I did and got the same settings again.

Hmmm, it’s possible the defaults changed with a firmware update. Easy enough to reset them though.

Recommend trying Blue Series Fan Switch • Setup Instructions • Zigbee2MQTT | Inovelli Help Center

Thanks for your link… My settings look different than the instructions…
I don’t have an option for fan under OutputMode… Is only Dimmer or ON/OFF… This is confusing :confused:

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You sure you installed a LZW35-SN and not a LZW31?

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Zigbee Model
Zigbee Manufacturer
Fan controller

Edit: I have 3 of them and all 3 are this way. Even after a reset.

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Give me 30 mins and I’ll see if I can run up my Z2M VM and see what mine include as.

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Thanks for your help!

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Uhm… I just notice that my firmware is definitely wrong:

Firmware version

All 3 are reporting this firmware.

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Can you do an OTA upgrade?

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Well not much help on my Z2M instance. I’m at 1.06 firmware so it doesn’t recognize Inovelli as the manufacturer.

May have to wait for others to chime in that are more familiar with it than I (which is like 1%).

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Is reporting no firmware available. I am at a loss here lol. I hope I didn’t get a bad batch :disappointed:

If you mean 1.04, then you are at the latest (production) firmware for now. 1.06 was paused about 2 weeks ago for Z2M due to an issue. It may not have been re-released yet, although I don’t know the current status.

It must be a UI bug, But is definitely saying V.04. I also dont understand why my options are different than others with the same switch :confused:

One of the HA gurus will have to weigh in here.

@chack ??

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This is somewhat the same? Blue Series Fan Switch showing as light rather than fan entity in Home Assistant - #17 by EricM_Inovelli

Maybe lol. I don’t use ZHA, but it seems as if the switch is half detected as a dimmer and not as a fan even though I have fan modes :confused:

That is just a mistake in the version string from the factory. It is actually firmware 1.04 that your switch has.

The reason it says “dimmer” or “on/off” is actually because z2m is sharing the parameter info from the 2-1 but you can essentially say that dimmer = celing fan and on/off = exhaust fan.


ah! Thanks! I somewhat figured that and is the options I chose.