Blue - need multi-tap setup instructions for Home Assistant ZHA

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to find instructions on how to configure multi-tap for the Inovelli Blue 2-1 switches on Home Assistant ZHA.

I’ve found tidbits here and there - maybe a blueprint, plus some parameter info - but nothing that avoids the usual hours or days of fiddling with Home Assistant.

Has anyone here configured multi-tap for the specific set of givens in the first sentence above? If so, would you please share the steps needed to make it happen?

Thank you.

EDIT: Adding the steps here for easy reference (HA version 2023.1.6):

  1. Go to the Home Assistant Settings area
  2. Go to the devices list
  3. Open an Inovelli Blue 2-1 switch
  4. From the resulting device page, add an Automation
  5. In the resulting popup titled “Create automation with device”, expand the “Do something when…” list and select the appropriate action, such as “Up button double clicked”
  6. In the resulting “New Automation” page, click “Add Action” and then proceed with whatever action type path you prefer.
  7. Save the automation

If you’re using the visual editor to create automations, just choose the “device” trigger type, and select your switch as the device. The various tap options will be in the selector for the trigger.

Edit: Looks like including images in posts doesn’t work, so here’s a link to an image: Screenshot-20230128-103333 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

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Thank you. I gave that a try, but it’s not detecting as double taps. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll double check that the switch parameters are set to enable multi-taps.

Turns out that I had set the delay to zero. Once I put it back to the default (value 2) it started working! I’ll capture my steps here shortly.

Added the steps in the original post.

I believe the more common approach would be…

  1. Go to the Home Assistant Settings area
  2. Click on Automations and Scenes
  3. Click on “Create Automation” button
  4. Choose “Start with empty automation”
  5. Click on Add Trigger and select “Device” from the drop down
  6. Under Device, select your Blue Series device
  7. Under Trigger select the button combo you want such as up_single, down_double, etc…
  8. Add your actions and save the automation


  • After you’ve selected the device and trigger, hit the 3 dots under triggers and select Edit ID
  • Give it a name like “Up_Single”, “Down_Double” etc…
  • Under actions, start but picking “Choose” (Or If-Then will work too)
  • Under the condition inside the Choose, select “If Triggered By” and select the ID you just entered.
  • Add your actions for that trigger
  • Now go back up and add a second trigger, maybe down_triple
  • repeat these steps from the beginning until you’ve built out all the button combo’s you’d like for that switch. This helps keep everything clean and under 1 automation instead of having 15 different automations for each switch.

There’s also a blueprint as well you can use in HA. Although creating an automation is just as easy.

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