Blue - need multi-tap setup instructions for Home Assistant ZHA

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to find instructions on how to configure multi-tap for the Inovelli Blue 2-1 switches on Home Assistant ZHA.

I’ve found tidbits here and there - maybe a blueprint, plus some parameter info - but nothing that avoids the usual hours or days of fiddling with Home Assistant.

Has anyone here configured multi-tap for the specific set of givens in the first sentence above? If so, would you please share the steps needed to make it happen?

Thank you.

EDIT: Adding the steps here for easy reference (HA version 2023.1.6):

  1. Go to the Home Assistant Settings area
  2. Go to the devices list
  3. Open an Inovelli Blue 2-1 switch
  4. From the resulting device page, add an Automation
  5. In the resulting popup titled “Create automation with device”, expand the “Do something when…” list and select the appropriate action, such as “Up button double clicked”
  6. In the resulting “New Automation” page, click “Add Action” and then proceed with whatever action type path you prefer.
  7. Save the automation

If you’re using the visual editor to create automations, just choose the “device” trigger type, and select your switch as the device. The various tap options will be in the selector for the trigger.

Edit: Looks like including images in posts doesn’t work, so here’s a link to an image: Screenshot-20230128-103333 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

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Thank you. I gave that a try, but it’s not detecting as double taps. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll double check that the switch parameters are set to enable multi-taps.

Turns out that I had set the delay to zero. Once I put it back to the default (value 2) it started working! I’ll capture my steps here shortly.

Added the steps in the original post.

I believe the more common approach would be…

  1. Go to the Home Assistant Settings area
  2. Click on Automations and Scenes
  3. Click on “Create Automation” button
  4. Choose “Start with empty automation”
  5. Click on Add Trigger and select “Device” from the drop down
  6. Under Device, select your Blue Series device
  7. Under Trigger select the button combo you want such as up_single, down_double, etc…
  8. Add your actions and save the automation


  • After you’ve selected the device and trigger, hit the 3 dots under triggers and select Edit ID
  • Give it a name like “Up_Single”, “Down_Double” etc…
  • Under actions, start but picking “Choose” (Or If-Then will work too)
  • Under the condition inside the Choose, select “If Triggered By” and select the ID you just entered.
  • Add your actions for that trigger
  • Now go back up and add a second trigger, maybe down_triple
  • repeat these steps from the beginning until you’ve built out all the button combo’s you’d like for that switch. This helps keep everything clean and under 1 automation instead of having 15 different automations for each switch.

There’s also a blueprint as well you can use in HA. Although creating an automation is just as easy.

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This is very strange - I have 22 Blue 2in1 dimmers and only one has these options (all dimmers are with 2.14 firmware)

Most of the other dimmers have this

But the last dimmer I installed has only these options

I checked setting and they look identical.
Am I loosing my mind?
My setup is HA with Z2M

I can use blueprint from @huynh.kong , but I really do want to understand the issue

I would try excluding and reinclude into the network.

The last one was just included in last 1 hour. I’ll try, but there should be some logical explanation (like some parameters need to be checked/unchecked).
I’ll try, but I have very low confidence it will magically fix itself :slight_smile: Will report in 10 min

Sometimes when the switches are included, there’s a packet missed and causes the parameters not accounted for. It has fixed a few on the forums; not saying it’s going to fix your issue but worth a shot.

Just did. As expected:

So, any other ideas how to fix it?
Somebody from Inovelli?

I encountered this same issue (no button actions showing up in HA) with one of my Blue dimmers. I’m also using HA and Z2M (the latest 1.30.4 version, which includes Blue FW 2.14 support). I had updated the switch to FW 2.14 before trying to create any automations in HA, so I don’t know if the button actions were present before the firmware update.

Instead of excluding and re-including the switch, I resolved it by pressing buttons on the switch (as someone suggested in another thread). For example, pressing the up button once would result in just the ‘“up_single” action’ becoming available. This had to be repeated for each action that I needed (which thankfully wasn’t many for my current setup). Not ideal, but maybe preferable to excluding/re-including.

As I’ve mentioned above, including and excluding did nothing for me.

I am sure, work around can be find. But why? from Inovelli site:
“This versatile switch can be used as either an on/off or dimmer, and also features custom LED notifications and scene control
Looks like another empty promise.
I definitely understand “earlier adoption” point, but I found myself just constantly fighting these switches with beta type firmware.
This is really frustrating - instead of getting product on time, with the decent quality and just works right (and if not - customer support is involved and not only community forum volunteers are trying to help).
I work in semiconductor industry and I saw supply chain issue first hand (mainly with TSMC and packaging vendors), but we really trying hard to solve these issues and not just post yet another sad story to our customers why product is delayed again and how transparent we are telling you about that

@dan.strother - obviously, my frustration is nothing to do with you, you are actually helping (as other customers), but how about Inovelli will get their s^%t together and make it right for a change and will lead this conversation and suggest solution for the problems with THIER products.
I am pretty much sure that explanation will be related to HA, or Z2M or something else…

I guess my thoughts are I have over 30 2-1 switches in my network. All of them have the correct scene control enabled. However I’m using multiple Hubitats in my network and it seems there’s less issues with Hubitat compared to other hubs/controllers. I don’t think the denominator is Inovelli.

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This is exactly was my expectation from somebody from Inovelli :slight_smile: I have about 35 other zigbee and another 20 Z-wave devices in my HA with Z-wave JC and Zigbee2MQTT
Some of them really cheep junk from China. They all work, so I can tell you with confidence - denominator is Inovelli
You guys can probably put another disclaimer - works only with Hubitat. That really helps to improve your customer base
Buzzing sound with firmware 2.14 is due to Hub as well?
Don’t tell me that Red 2in1 constant delay is because of HA and Z2M

Well fortunately I’m a consumer. I’m not an employee of Inovelli. I’ve had my fair share of non-Inovelli products as well (to say where they originated is a moot point as most products are produced in China).

The switches work with a variety of hubs; however, if you look at the issues being reported, there are fewer reports by folks using Hubitat or SmartThings. Perhaps you real power users using HA are seeing more issues because the software was written for power users and have a lot more debugging capabilities than exposed on other platforms.

Again, I’m not an employee so I don’t decide which labels to put on the box or website.

The buzzing issue could easily be contributed to the new firmware as it enabled both trailer and leading edge capabilities (limited). I’ve updated all my switches and don’t hear any buzzing from my canned lights or the switches. I also have had my hearing checked in the last couple months and don’t suffer from hearing loss either.

The firmware has only been out for a month and all the feedback gets provided back to Inovelli, hardware and firmware engineer. I’m not sure why people expect nightly repos for a switch. It’s a $50 switch that works really well out of the box. There are the exceptions like with any vendor. Inovelli has always stated that their competitors have great products. Perhaps you should consider that RA3 product line. I myself find it silly to spend $200 on a switch, but each person is allowed to spend their money the way they choose.

I’m unfamiliar with the constant delay you speak of. If you mean with the manufacturing delay then obviously it’s not due to HA or Z2M.


My experience has been such that HA is the root cause of the inconsistencies. HA is maybe the best overall, but they also have a long way to go. With open source, it’s hit or miss on feature behavior and especially on documentation.

A specific thing that I’ve had to do with HA in both zwave and ZigBee is to reinterview the device after including it and then wait a few minutes. What they really need is a first packet that indicates what else is coming, and if all those things don’t arrive, the client should automatically ask again for the ones that didn’t eventually arrive. This sort of thing is not an Inovelli issue but an issue with robustness of programming and handling data in a mesh network.

My hope is that Matter will help to make these issues go away. If nothing else, it will mean fewer interfaces to program against and therefore more time to spend on making it work well. :crossed_fingers:

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This allowed me to ‘see’ the multiple tap options. Thank you for posting!