Blue Series 2-1 Firmware Changelog | VZM31-SN

No update available on HA as of right now. I know they don’t have a beta channel, but its either Hubitat or Smartthings that will show new firmware when Inovelli is testing things.

For those who can flash independently from hosted servers:

2.14 is the latest. Idk why the engineer made it that number but I can assure you it’s the latest :slight_smile:

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Great, excited to use the new firmware when my switches get the update.

Oh, you mean zigbee2mqtt users :smiley:

Edit: For those hosting your own files here is my excerpt from my json file

“version”: “16908814”,
“channel”: “beta”,
“firmware”: “”,
“manufacturer_id”: 4655,
“image_type”: 257

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As many of you have already seen, we released the latest firmware file, which is 2.14. Here are a few of the high level changes:

Leading / Trailing Edge Capability
There is no parameter to choose between the two at this time (nor can I promise there will be any time soon), but here’s the defaults for Leading / Trailing Edge:

  • Non-Neutral (Single & 3-Way Aux) = Leading Edge
  • Neutral + 3-Way Dumb = Leading Edge
  • Neutral (Single & 3-Way Aux) = Trailing Edge

Full Sine Wave Feature
While we still do not officially support the use of these on motorized loads or outlets, the full sine wave feature provides a full sine wave output. This allows the switches to work better with ballasts (also not officially supported) and various bulbs that experienced the issue of not turning off all the way (or just constantly flickered). This can only be used in the Neutral, Single Pole setting.

Zigbee Bindings
We’ve improved the way individual bindings work and are processed at the switch. As mentioned above, if you have a large network, sometimes individual bindings struggle and you may see sluggish response times and/or just an all out failure.

To improve things, we put a memory function on the switch that allows the switch to remember what it’s bound to. However, if the neighbor table gets messed up due to high traffic, you may still experience bindings not working on the first attempt. Please try again and the bindings should work.

However, anecdotally, here’s my recommendation as I experienced some issues with binding and ever since I’ve followed the below steps, I’ve had zero issues:

  • If you are binding 3+ devices (ie: 3x switches together, 1x switch + 2x bulbs, etc), please use Group Binding (ie: create a group and bind to it)
  • Individual bindings are fine if it’s 2 devices (ie: 1x switch + 1x bulb, 2x switches)

Zigbee Network Optimization
This should fix the rebooting issues in theory as none of us could replicate it. The theory is that in large networks, with a lot of neighbors, the switches would become overwhelmed and reboot. We’ve doubled the memory allotted to processing neighbor devices, so I’m hoping this will work. Please let us know if you still experience this.

Non-Neutral Brightness
The engineer has optimized this as best as he can and we’ve spent countless hours testing this, so unfortunately if your room is still too dark, then there is no other option than to either return the switch or replace the bulbs. Some bulbs work better than others.

Here’s how the non-neutral will work:

  • By default there is a 15% reduction in power – this is because there needs to be some power left in the switch to power the Zigbee chip (if the bulb is taking all the power, the switch will start to malfunction and the bulbs will flicker and Aux switches will fail to work properly)
  • You can remove this throttle by turning Parameter 25 to 1 – if you start to experience flickering, then please lower the max dim level until it stops flickering. In my experience, I had to go to 85, which was where the throttle was anyway, so I just kept the throttle on

LED Bar Match
We noticed that the LED Bar didn’t match our Gen 2’s when next to each other at the same level. So we added a parameter that allows you to choose which version you’d like, which is Parameter 100.

Added a Parameter for Zigbee Binding & Default Levels
Parameter 125 allows you to choose how you’d like Zigbee bindings to work. We recommend 0 for on/off and 1 for dimmers.

I’m sure I’m missing a few things, but these were the highlights I could think of off the top of my head.

I want to give a shout-out to @EricM_Inovelli for quarterbacking this entire process and working hard with the engineering team to get everything accomplished.

This is, IMO, the most feature-rich switch out there and we want to also thank the community for helping us always get there.


Awesome thanks Eric. Any news on when the release (non - beta) version will be ready? I’m still on 2.08 but hesitant to upgrade until it’s been approved.

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You asked for it. :wink:

Please wait for the switch update to complete. It will sometimes take up to 10 minutes after the green firmware update notification finishes before the firmware file is verified and installed on the switch. Please do not cut power to the switch during this process.

If you have any problems with the update, please reach out to support so we can assist you with any issues.

Add parameters P54(Double down to value of P56)
Add parameter option 3 to P22(Switch Type) - Single-Pole Full Sine Wave
Add Disable Remote Control as special cluster command. Mfg specific command 0x10 (0x00 Enable Remote Control, 0x01 Disable Remote Control)
Fix the duty cycle value of dimming will be less than the Max Level value (miscalculation of max level when that setting is set)
Fix bug that was making set level “duration” not work correctly
Fixed excessive broadcast Report Attributes

Lower min levels are now allowed (only have neutral)
Fix Ramp Rate Remote Sometimes Not Being Applied
Add trailing edge dimmming in some cases. Trailing Edge dimming improves switch buzz and led bulb flicker,
Note: It is best to toggle Leading/Trailing Edge dimming in the Off state,
If you cannot control the switch under Trailing Edge conditions, power it on again or reduce the value of P10(max level)
When leading vs trailing will be used:
non-neutral + single pole (P22 = 0) Leading Edge
non-neutral + 3way(AUX) (P22 = 2) Leading Edge
neutral + 3way(dumb) (P22 = 1) Leading edge
neutral + single pole (P22 = 0) Trailing Edge
neutral + 3way(AUX) (P22 = 2) Trailing Edge
neutral + OnOff Mode + full wave (P22 = 3) full wave

Add parameters P55(Double Up to level)
Add parameters P56(Double Down to level)
Fixed incorrect behavior of P5
Adjust the output voltage under non-neutral
Optimize compatibility with dimmable bulbs
The mode is not automatically switched to “dimmer” when the user selects smart bulb mode.
Reduce unnecessary zigbee broadcasts
Optimize zigbee messaging network processing

Further optimized zigbee messaging

Add P25 (Increase non-neutral power output. This may cause flickering or aux switch problems with some bulbs. Adjust max level to fix this)
Modify P56 range 0 to 254 (allow double tap to turn device off)
Add P100(LED Scaling ) 0- VZM31 ; 1- LZW31
Add P123(Use different scene numbers via the aux switch)
Add P125(Send “move to level on/off” to bound devices that matches default level remote and local)
Optimized dimming flicker problem

The file has been sent to Hubitat (they still need to post it). I’ll be updating the z2m and zha firmware json feeds shortly. This firmware has been tested on a few dozen switches for a few weeks, but those that are cautious may want to wait a week or two before installing it.


Also just throwing the disclaimer in here – update at your own risk. We are not responsible for bricking anyone’s device and there will not be any replacements available for bricked devices.

Hate to be that guy, but we’ve been taken advantage of and just can’t afford to right now.

Edit to make it sound nicer: We love you guys and hope you enjoy the upgraded firmware :slight_smile:


I’m a bit confused by the bricked device disclaimer. Is this not an official release? Should I be waiting for another version where you stand by the update?

Amazing. The update just appeared as OTA in z2mtqq. Giving it a shot on a test switch first…fingers crossed.

Thanks again Eric for the clear comms and updates.

@EricM_Inovelli is there an updated z2m converter that exposes the new parameters? zigbee-herdsman-converters/inovelli.js at master · Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman-converters · GitHub was last updated 3 months ago…

This is an official release, but we also don’t have control over how someone updates their switch. They could pull the wrong firmware and flash it, they could have something go wrong in their network that causes the switch to fail halfway through, etc.

Our stance is that the firmware on the production switches you currently have was flashed by the factory and therefore is what we officially support for that date code.

Just updated a switch to 2.14 in HA on Z2MQTT, and had some questions:

  1. How do I find the control for setting the non-neutral power output?

  2. How do I find the control for double tap to turn off?

  3. I thought the change to #2 would be double tap for lowest brightness (for night light), since single tap is the direct way to turn the light off?

We need a new converter, which hasn’t been uploaded yet. See my question to @EricM_Inovelli above.


Thanks, I’m sadly unfamiliar with the details of how z2m works :sweat_smile:

Is that a manual process involved with that, or will it need another update when the converter is updated?

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If the converter is released in the next week or two, there is a process where you can force z2m to override the built-in converter and use the new one. Alternatively, you can wait until the next z2m release after the converter is published and the converter will be bundled with the z2m release. Typically the cadence for z2m updates is once per month on/about the first of each month, unless there are major bugs that require a hotfix.

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Ah, thank you. So I’ll just update my switches now, and expect to wait a few weeks until the new features are actually exposed in UI.

@EricM_Inovelli or @Eric_Inovelli I know @nathanfiscus has made the commits for the converter previously. If you give me the details, I’m happy to make a PR for the converter if someone else isn’t already working on it.


I updated 4 switches so far.

2 have completed updates just fine, and now show the new firmware, 2.14 from 2023031, in HA Z2M.

But after completing the update, the other two still show 2.08 from 20221110. They also no longer show any OTA available.

In the “state” menu all switches show “installed version” as 16908814.

Are they all updated correctly?

I’ve had other z2m devices do the same thing - go through OTA, and then not update the version number. But these are the only devices that actually have new features/fixes that I need. So I want to make sure I have them updated correctly.

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