Blue Series 2-1 Neutral terminal won't tighten down

I’ve installed ~30 Blue Series switches without major issues (though some had the stuck ground terminal issue). But one switch has a neutral terminal that’s stripped and won’t tighten down. I’m using a manual screw driver, so I’m a bit surprised that I may have stripped it.

What’s the best/safest way to fix this?

I am considering following the steps to re-insert a removed screw but potentially use a higher gauge screw. However, I’m worried about ensuring the connection stays solid over time.

I would pull the screw out and take a look at it. Odds are, the screw is stripped, not the backing plate. If that is the case then grab an unused screw from that or another switch and pop that one back in.

If it turns out to be the backing plate, swap it out with another that is unused. Disassembly instructions are in the thread you posted.

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