Blue Series 2-1 not pairing

Hey all, I just got my 20 Blue Series 2-1 switches and have installed one of them. The switch works at the paddle as well as with the white series add-on switch. No problems there, I just can’t pair the device.

I am using ZHA in Home Assistant with a Conbee II stick. When I search for zigbee devices and the Blue series switch is in pairing mode (pulsating blue light), ZHA never finds the device. I have tried factory resetting the switch multiple times and have tried pairing again probably 9-10 times by now with no luck. Moving the home assistant device closer to the switch did not help either (this is usually my problem with ZWave pairing). Any suggestions here?

As far as I can tell the stick and ZHA is working properly in Home Assistant, but since this 2-1 switch is my first Zigbee device I can’t say for sure. I may try installing a second 2-1 switch and see if I have the same luck.

Can you confirm the first 6 characters of IEEE for the switch? Should be able to get it off the QR code on the front or from the sticker in the box?

Also for a quick read;


For EUI the first 6 are 943469. For install code the first 6 are 204E-CD. What are these for?

Switches with addresses starting with 38:5b:44 and 94:34:69 have a known issue - radio performance is in the tank. @Eric_Inovelli and company are well-aware of the issue and are trying to rectify it. Hopefully it’ll come in the form of a firmware patch, but they have stated that no-cost replacements will be offered if they can’t fix the radios in situ. See the link @harjms posted above.


It’s the EUI you’re interested in. Like epow and harjms mentioned, the link shared explains the larger story, but would recommend not installing any switches with the affected ieee’s yet until we know more.


Thanks @harjms @epow @chack. Looks like 17 of my 20 switches are affected. I’ll follow the other thread, thanks!

Sounds like you got three to install though!


I sure wish I had read this before installing 23 switches today, 17 of which are in the affected range. Glad @Eric_Inovelli and team are handling this so quickly.

Dang, that’s unfortunate. I’m so lucky I chose a broken one first and tried pairing before doing the rest. In my situation I had 3 working switches so I replaced the 3 3-way switches in my house, all of which was more involved because I had to rewire the light fixtures.