Blue series next batch?

I ordered 10 switches for the pre-order that I received. I then bought 10 more in October and it said the order would be fulfilled in December. I was wondering if the date got pushed back? This is for the 2-1 Blue series. 10 I have, have been awesome.


I would also like to know when we might expect to see the next batch of Blue 2-in-1 start shipping (and the Blue Fan switch too)


sorry to tack on here, but I’m curious as well. also if they will have the MG24 chipset.

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They do not.

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Are you 100% sure? I’m pretty sure the next batch has not been manufactured yet.

Note, we’re not talking about the recall replacements that are getting sent out now. We’re talking about the next manufacturing batch AFTER the recall replacements.

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The batch 2 (coming in Dec 2022) which is coming right after the refurb units but in the same batch shipment are not MG24 as far as I have been made aware.

There is word that the 3rd (Q1 2023?) batch might be, but unconfirmed.


i guess i may need to cancel my order. i hate to lose my place in line, but i also have a preference for Matter compatibility. i don’t plan to replace light switches often, so better to wait and do it right the first time.

it’s tough being patient!

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The current Blues are supposed to be Matter compatibile with a future radio flash update. The difference is how they get updated.

The current Blues will use a USB-to-Serial interface where you’ll need to connect wires to a few pins behind the faceplace. The newer version with MG24 chip is supposed to support Over-The-Air updating.

OTA is much nicer than a wired connection, but they all should be Matter compatible

Where do we get one of these usb-serial connectors?

The radio update is not available yet.

Sorry, I was asking about the cable that we’ll need once it is available.

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Pretty sure any standard FTDI-type serial adapter will work. Something like this:


I’m wondering the same thing. December has come and gone, and I still haven’t heard anything about my two October orders that said they’d be coming in December. Is there a new ETA?

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I’ve been asking @Eric_Inovelli to send out an email update on pre-orders, but not sure if he has or not…

The next batch coming soon will likely cover orders through mid to possibly end of December. I would say anything placed in January is being pushed through to the March/April batch.

And yes, the next batch due end of January (for backorders Sept-Dec) will NOT have the MG24 chipset.


Does this include aux switches?

We have aux switches here and those should be going out next week! This will likely be only for people who placed an order for JUST aux switches. We would like to save money and ship Blue and White series together for people who ordered together.

We’ve had the aux switches since we got the replacements in - we just haven’t had a chance to touch them yet due to the high priority of the replacement units going out.

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Awesome. Thanks. Is it possible to get some kind of tracking on these shipments? I will be away for the rest of January and it would be nice to know at least whether it is coming ups or usps.

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@Courtney_Inovelli thanks for confirming!

if I’m set on having the MG24 chipset, should i just cancel the order and look out for an announcement in this thread?

Yes that would probably be best! I can go ahead and cancel and refund if you’d like.

Yes, you should receive a tracking number via email and shopify once it has shipped!