Blue Series Switch Paddle Colors

Thanks Courtney for the update!
Appreciate the information, not looking forward to telling my wife we’re 4-6 weeks further out, but that’s the world we live in. I really do appreciate the update though.

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Hi @Courtney_Inovelli,
Any ETA update on the colored paddles?
Thanks so much!

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should be here shortly! They are coming with the red series switches which we expect within a few weeks. Everything is wrapped up with production and I believe they’ve shipped at this point. Just waiting on ETA landing date, customs clearance, etc and transport to our warehouse.


@Courtney_Inovelli Another month gone by, no paddles yet?

The latest status of the Red 2 in 1 is here: Z-Wave 800 Series 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project Phoenix - #473 by Eric_Inovelli

Looks like it’s expected to reach Inovelli by the end of June.

Courtney mentioned above that these are shipping together.

they should be here any day now! 29th at the latest.


Just received my paddles, is it safe to assume that I should follow the same installation procedures as the previous generation paddles?

Yep. Just follow inovelli’s paring instructions.

Yeah, they should pop in/out the same as our Gen 2’s :slight_smile:

I can take a quick video too and put it up on the support site.

Here’s the raw video for reference (I’m going to jazz it up a bit before posting):


You should sell the white ones too as I am doing a remodel and need the white since I am switching from Almond to white. I don’t have the whites that came with the switches anymore as I thought we are staying light almond, but 2 years later I need white. My only other option is to rip out all the Inovelli red Series and go with Zooz.

We have some here depending on how many you need. The MOQ is 1,000 for the white ones and while that sounds low, we get so little requests for the white that I fear it would just end up being written off in a couple of years.

However, we try to save the paddles of the defective switches to have some around for replacements.

Can you shoot me a PM (and add @Courtney_Inovelli if you can)?