Blue Series Switch Paddle Colors


I am wondering if anyone has tested if the dimmer switch paddles work on the Blue Series switches?

I bought a 10-pack of the Blue Series 2-1 and I am anxious to install them, but the wife won’t let me install them until they are light almond like the rest of our home :frowning:

Here’s the existing conversation on the topic: Blue Series 2-1 Switch Color Paddles (Red Series Mostly Compatible) - #13 by NkySpike65

I believe the verdict is that the paddles themselves work but the red airgaps don’t work. You can either keep the white airgap that came with the blue or 3d print one it looks like.

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You are correct. I made a post about it already and li ked to the airgap file.

I talked with Eric and the plan is to get enogub airgaps for the blue serice to cove the red covers they ha e qith extras and toss them in so you get 1 paddle and both airgaps. Since they are interchangeable.

Then once red covers run low/out they will product the blues moving forward with both airgasp included.

ETA unknown. They are trying to get the current blue handled. So he was kind enough to share the bule series file so i could strip out the airgap part and creat an stl to their specs.

Loaded on thingiverse.

Thanks! I wish I would have done a better search prior to posting this now…

Lol, all good – we received the samples maybe a week or two ago and unfortunately Almond, Light Almond and Ivory were messed up. We are trying to get them out by the next production run which is scheduled for the end of November. But at the very latest, our B2B client is requesting that they be done by the time their switches are completed which would be in January.


Looking forward to it. I need light almond for blue and whites both.

Random question, is the stock faceplate on the blue series slightly…whiter than the reds? I noticed it does not quite match the old switches or the wall plate like the older ones do. Is the reds’ stock color “Ivory”?

The Reds are Inovelli white. The Blues are a bit “whiter”. Due to feedback about the Reds not matching a number of other commerical products, the Blues were colored to match the Lutron Claro line:

Colors: dimmer switch will be offered in white (matching Lutron Claro wallplates)

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Yeah great question – as @Bry mentioned, we wanted to make a color correction to fix a long running problem of our switches in that the white is slightly off in color.

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Haha that figures, the off-white actually matched my existing plates perfectly :smiley:. Will the old color be available as faceplates?

Do we have a January update for color paddles??


Oops, sorry for the delay here. The manufacturer has had an issue trying to match light almond, almond and ivory and we should be getting revised samples at the end of the month.

Unfortunately this has been holding up the other colors that were approved as they need to be produced together initially.


@Eric_Inovelli Eric,
You’re saying end of February now for samples for the team to sign off on? Pending they’re a go, what are we looking at for landing production paddles in the US?

I have ~55 Blues in our house now with no switchplate covers waiting on black paddles to then put covers on to avoid messing up new paint/having to do it twice. Lack of paddles along with zigbee mesh issues (hoping 2.12 fixes a lot of my network busy/traffic routing problems), but the no-cover appearance along with the functionality issues are starting to cause issues on the homefront.

I understand why the molder wants to hang the tool(s) do the initial runs and just keep to one production run, purge the barrel, keep shooting different colors, but if they’re having troubles color matching then they might consider waiving a second setup fee later when they finally have approval on the matches. Just run a production order of the approved colors when they shoot the samples for approval (unless they’re shooting a different tool for appearance/color matches. -then this idea is moot). Assuming a 4 cavity tool, and 24-second cycle times they’re putting out probably ~600 pieces/hour, so one shift probably creates a lot of paddles. -Lots of if’s there, sorry…

Not trying to armchair quarterback, just trying to think of options. Telling my wife March for the black switchplates in our new home when initial feedback was Q4, the date just seems to keep slipping when 1/2 of the colors are approved. This color-matching issue goes back 8-9 months at this point.

Thanks for trying, it’s appreciated.

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mid-February + 1 month update?

Let me check with the manufacturer to get a solid date for you guys. We’ve approved all the colors and I was waiting on a B2B order to put alongside our order for the color paddles. I just talked to them today and they said they’d have their numbers to us tomorrow.

I believe we are shooting for when the Red Series releases because we want to create them at the same time.

I promise these are coming, and I apologize for the delay. It’s not fun for me either to get hammered in the forums over delivery dates.

Can you guys ping me on Wednesday if I don’t give an update?


Update: Color Paddles will be available when the Red Series 2-1 arrives, which should be in April. This will include aux switch paddles too.

Color options are:

  • Almond
  • Light Almond
  • Ivory
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Grey

Thanks for the patience and I’ll get them up on the site shortly!


Are there paint codes you can provide for each of these paddle colors?

We are picking paints for our new house and debating between brown and black in a few areas so it would be nice if we could test between the two with a color sample or swatch.

Hi @Eric_Inovelli (and probably @Courtney_Inovelli),
Any update on the ETA of colored paddles?

I happened to see/find them up / live on the website. Just wondering if you have an ETA on product coming in/going out.

Thanks so much!

They will be arriving the same time as the red series z-wave switch, so I would guess about another month. I think red series is in production right now, then with shipping, customs, etc it will likely be about a month before we have them in our hands!