Blue Series Switches Not Found via ZHA

I installed 2 of the new Blue Series switches - both are operating fine as dumb switches (on/off/dim). However I am unable to add them to HomeAssistant via ZHA:

  1. Switches do enter pairing mode (pulsing blue)
  2. HA > Devices & Services > ZHA > Add Device > Searching for Zigbee devices… eventually times out and never sees the switch
  3. I am using a ConBee II stick which is currently working fine with Aqara sensors at the same location (not a signal/range problem)

I waited a long time for these switches and looking forward to getting them set up properly. Any advice appreciated in getting them connected!

What are the IEEE of the switches

@jtfine there are a number of switches that have a manufacturing defect. I suggest you start reading here… down near the end of the thread you’ll see where @Eric_Inovelli has set up a process for getting on the list for replacements:

Thanks. Turns out my switches are among the defective IEEE batches. :expressionless: