Blue Switch / HA/ ZHA Unable to bind group to switch

You won’t want the custom quirk, as long as your HA version is even semi recent, you’ll have a much more current version of the quirk built into it. The EP2/EP1 thing had to do with the initial behavior of binding vs how it was adjusted to make it function as expected and shouldn’t be an issue with any updated switches today.

It looks like you did what I would’ve recommended (adding the switch to the group), and that does fix the on/off state which is also good. When the brightness level isn’t aligned, is that also when you’re seeing some of the bulbs with mixed level?

I haven’t been able to talk myself into the Hue bulbs yet so that’s about as far as I can go offhand.

Thanks @chack. That’s good to know. After trying everything I could think of, I was able to solve the second issue by resetting the Hue blubs and re-adding them. In the last 36 hours they seem to finally be working.

Strangely the Blue switch still isn’t reflecting the state of the group. Adding the switch to the ZHA light group seems to have resolved most of the issues, but as I noted previously there’s still instances where the brightness setting isn’t identical between the group and the switch. The bulbs all have the same brightness level… it’s just the switch that isn’t updated properly.

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What’s the firmware version on the switch? And when you end up in those scenarios, how are you controlling brightness of the rest of the group (and is it close)?

The firmware on the switch is 0x0102020b. If I use the switch to adjust the brightness, it works perfectly. But if I use Home Assistant to adjust the brightness of the ZHA light group, that’s when the brightness level of the switch doesn’t seem to update properly.

I’m having this issue too. Specifically, I bound my blue 2-1 to LevelControl and OnOff of the zigbee group of hue lights, but to endpoint 2, because there is no endpoint 1 showing. I am on switch firmware version 2.15 and I’m on Home Assistant 2023.8.4.

The switch turns on and off the lights in the group, and dims them, but there’s no updating the switch when the group updates via home assistant. I saw elsewhere this may be due to being bound to endpoint 2, but I see no endpoint 1

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Is it possible to see the binding groups after you bind them? I think I did it right, but want to confirm.

Never mind! Wife tried the switches and they worked as expected! Thanks folks!

I have a issue with another type of switch, so does anybody know if we can check the actual binding?

I am gradually transferring my Zigbee network from Z2M to ZHA (I can’t deal with Z2M instability any more).
I am binding Blue 2 in 1 to Blue 2 in 1 switches. I was able to bind some of them (using endpoint “2”, becuase I do not see “1” )

How I can check binding status for the specific switch?

As far as I can tell, there is no way in Ziha to view binding status…

I’m still having issues with this. My switch is on the latest firmware (v2.15 - 0x0102020f) and Home Assistant is up to date, but the binding is super wonky. Sometimes it works well, and other times it doesn’t work and the on/of state between the switch and bound group get out of sync.

As before, Endpoint1 isn’t available so I had to bind it to both LevelControl and OnOff in Endpoint2.

I am having the same issue (not seeing endpoint 1 available). Did you ever resolve this?

Not yet… :frowning:

Hey @MasterDevwi, when you and @jkat are referring to not seeing endpoint 1 available, could you clarify what screen you’re looking at?

If it’s the binding screen, that should be endpoint 2 that gets bound to the zigbee group which will contain endpoint 1 of the applicable devices.

Thanks for your help with this @chack! When I go to the switch and select Manage Zigbee Device > Bindings, this is what I see:

From what I’ve gathered in other places, I should see Endpoint1 for OnOff, but I only see Endpoint2. If I don’t need to select Endpoint1, then something else must be going on.

The light group and the switch are in sync maybe 80% of the time, but the 20% where they’re not is annoying. I think it tends to happen if I turn off the group? The switch remains on, so pressing up on the paddle does not turn on the light group (which is technically off).

Got it, thanks for that! Endpoint 2 would be the correct one to bind to the group. If you were putting it into the group, that’s where you’d want endpoint 1.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m not sure I follow this part though. If I follow correctly, if I want to bind a group to the switch I use Endpoint2, but if I want to include the switch in the group I’d use Endpoint1? Isn’t that just done through the ZHA UI? Endpoint2 still seems to be behaving weirdly though. :frowning:

When you’re using group binding, you’ll be binding the switch to the group (that it may or may not be in). And yeah, you could add the switch to the group in the ZHA UI, but just would want to add Endpoint 1 from the switch to the group.

This is not the best analogy and is missing some detail so don’t take it too far down the path :slight_smile:, but if you want to think of it this way…Endpoint 1 is the ears, Endpoint 2 is the mouth. Endpoint 1 is where you’re configuring the switch, turning it on/off, etc. Endpoint 2 is being used to send those press/hold events.

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Endpoint 1 is when you want the switch to BE CONTROLLED by something.

Endpoint 2 is when you want the switch to CONTROL something.

May not be 100% correct but that is how I think of it lol.


Ah thank you both! That’s really helpful and clears it up. I’m still not sure why the switch power state is frequently “out of sync,” but at least I get how the endpoints work now. :slight_smile: