Blue switches loosing connection to hubitat until air gap reset

Im experiencing issues. I have about 20 of the blue switches installed. And its been solid since i installed them. Then in the last few days something with them is going on. They nolonger respond to hubitat commands. Binding stops working.

If i pull the airgap and put it back in (power cycle/reboot switch)? Then everything starts working again. But for how long. A few hours to a day. Then i have to pull the air gap again to get them working again.

Note all my other zigbee stuff continues to work. My red i have installed also still work (zwave) This seems to be isolated to only the blue series switches.

Any thoughts or tests i can run to help figure this out.

Does this happen to all 20 switches at the same time? Or just one switch at random times?

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Completely random. At random intervals

Did you check to see if they in in the bad batch? Are you aware there was a batch of Blues that got sent out with a manufacturing defect that affects radio performance. Inovelli has a “recall” to replace them.

Yes i was aware of bad batch. I had 7 of the 30 switches. And they are not installed. And awaiting replacments.

Hubitat shows no logs on the switches. Just rwally odd that as soon as the switch is rebooted it instantly sends signals back to hubitait and paired zigbee devices.

Is like the zigbee times out in them after so long or something. As i have switches paired with each other and to lights and that also breaks until rebooting switches.

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Anyone else have this issue?

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Do you have any of the switches that are NOT bound to other Zigbee devices? For example, a switch that might only be hardwired to a load? Curious to see if any not bound work normally.

Hubitat (C7) user here with 9 Blues installed.

My Blues are all working great - no drop-offs and no other type of adverse effect on my zigbee mesh.

Are your Blues the only (or bulk of) mains-powered devices in your zigbee mesh? I wonder if this is somehow a zigbee meshing issue…

My zigbee mesh was strong/robust before I added the Blues, so they aren’t carrying the water on mesh-maintenance too (but they should be capable of doing that AFAIK).

One of my Blues is bound to 2 Hue bulbs, but none of the others are bound (or were ever previously bound).

Interestingly, several of those other Blues show “4” for parameter 51 (# of bindings), but if that’s actually true, I have no idea what they are bound too… I’m sensitive to that issue since I’m the one who raised alarm bells about unsolicited bindings in the original firmware. I’ve considered factory-resetting them now that they are all on f/w 2.08, but since I’m not seeing any adverse effects, I’m just letting it ride for now.

Yes i have plenty that are just a load and not bound. Theybswitch works to turn light on and off but at times there will be no zigbee responce a d still have to reset the switch and then incan remote activate it again

Inhave plentybof other zigbee devices. And also plugs that are hardwired with repeters. All other zigbe stuff continues to work. Its literally just my blues that are acting wonky.

I had a similar issue, but I believe the switch in question was part of the recall batch so most likely that is the reason. Here is my experience anyway.

Switch paired fine, another switch would not, so this led me to believe I only had one recalled switch. Then after about two weeks it stopped working through hubitat. It acted like it was in a sleep mode because manually using the switch would seem to wake it and it would start working. I’d wake it every few days and then it stopped responding after a week or so. I had to remove the device, reset it, and add it back. Sometimes hubitat would find it and sometimes not. I could not add it back even though hubitat said it was added, the switch pulsed blue remaining in pairing mode. Nothing in logs, just sitting in my hubitat device list not working. Slapping a repeater on it “fixes” it, for now.

If it seems I am not very certain if it was a recalled switch that is because I just took pictures, submitted the form, and seems it probably was based on the email I received.

I had 7 switches recalled and they are not in the network

I think I have the same issue on my c5… no resolution. I even have a c7 new out of the box and I paired a single blue to it as the only device on the hub. Some random time later it no longer responds just like my c5.

Can you post the Zigbee ID of this switch?

It should show you at the bottom of the device page.


Hmm made an assumption you were asking me @Eric_Inovelli if I’m wrong please ignore my response and we can pretend like it never happened.

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I’m wondering if this maybe has something to do with the fact that Blues show up as a “low-ram concentrator” in Hubitat?

Someone smarter on zigbee please keep me honest here, but I think that means they don’t store the full mesh routing details, only some.

Or perhaps the low-ram concentrator status is just a big red herring WRT this particular issue – I have no idea, just trying to brainstorm a bit…

4-way dimmer setup (No traveler wire on AUX, just power and neutral)
Dining Room Light Main (Controls Load) - 94DEB8FFFEF4BEF3
Dining Room Light AUX1 Binded to Dining Room Main - 040D84FFFE029862
Dining Room Light AUX2 Binded to Dining Room Main - 040D84FFFE02B397

3-way on/off setup (No traveler wire on AUX, just power and neutral)
Front Door Light Main (Controls Load) - 040D84FFFE06126F
Front Door Light AUX1 (Binded to Front Door Main) - 040D84FFFE02A5F4

Smart Mode - Power always on
Porch Door Light (Rule turns HUE Lights on and off, not Binded) - 94DEB8FFFEF4DCDD

These are the most recent ones that have giving me issues, but now been solid the last 2 days.

Quick update, I switch my zigbee channel from 20 to 19 two day ago and so far they have been solid, so the blues might just be a little more picky on interference than any of my other zigbee devices. Time will tell. I will report back should it happen again.

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Update, Since changing the zigbee channel from 20 to 19 I have had 0 issues, not sure why the Blues just started droping after a few weeks on channel 20 but everything else stayed working. But now that its on 19 everything including the blues are working. So incase anyone else has issues, try changing the zigbee channel. it might help.