Button button who’s got the button!

I would love to see a button. Nothing super fancy but something that would allow a more personal control. I have spent a week trying to just find a button that I could put on my kids desk that they could use to flag when they need help. Sadly they have old iPhones so I can’t just use an nfc sticker.

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There are a few ZigBee and Z-Wave buttons (or multi-button & fobs) out there (I do not want to put links because none are Inovelli). But an Inovelli one (maybe with a controllable notification LED!) would be good as the existing ones are fairly dated.

If it has a controllable notification LED (ex: kid presses for help… it goes red… you send a command to change it to yellow when you acknowledge it so the kid knows you saw it, and change to green when you are on your way so they know you will be there soon). A controllable timeout for how long the LED stays on would be pretty easy to do I think.

Plus that would ALSO solve the huge number of requests I have seen for a battery powered notification LED. Having the button would let you acknowledge such notifications… the possibilities are pretty nice I think. There is a certain 4 button, battery operated ZigBee device I use commonly to set the “notice” of whether kids can bother me in my office or if I am in a meeting. It has an LED in the center but it is not controllable. So I had to put a second strip (and controller) of LEDs inside my office so I could know if it set them correctly to begin with. Having the feedback right on the button device would be awesome.

Inovelli may have one soon — this project has been announced: ***Pre-Order Now Available*** Z-Wave 5-Button Scene Controller + Dimmer Switch | Project Rock Out. However, there haven’t been any updates in a while, and the originally-stated target completion date is soon approaching, so I’m guessing it’s delayed. There’s also this: Paddle Remote | Project BFF, but we already know that project is currently on hold.

Otherwise, what hub do you have? My favorite one-button buttons are the SmartThings Buttons, but those are getting harder to find as ST’s hardware business is in flux. Lutron Picos are my favorite all-around button device, but they only work with a Caseta or RA2 system or hubs that integrate with those (e.g., Hubitat, Home Assistant, etc.). A certain other Z-Wave manufacturer just came out with a paddle button that looks a lot like a “regular” switch, and as above, Inovelli will likely have one at some point, too. Beyond that, there are lots of things I’m not a fan of for gaudy looks or high prices like the Fiabro button and lots of remote-type devices. :slight_smile:


You might try Flic. It uses Bluetooth, connecting to the phone, to do various things. It also supports IFTTT.

Since I can’t find smartthings buttons anymore, the last zigbee button I got was these…

It looks like those are out of stock, too, but these are just like it…

Fun fact, @EricM_Inovelli and I built that remote :sob:

We ordered a few and they’re pretty solid – I’ll endorse it lol albeit I’m salty about it haha:

@ashley.waltrip – I’d definitely recommend this as I believe you have ST and I have it paired to our hub here at the office. Works great!


I run a SmartThings hub. I will check out the items you guys posted, the ST button is closest to what I’m looking for.

Yep, that was one of our last projects with our previous manufacturer. I still have the prototypes somewhere. We had designed a few different versions (1, 3, and 5 button I believe) and were quite a ways done with the firmware. Wish we could have finished it.

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