Can you turn on the load without LED bar turning on?

I’m curious if there’s a way to turn on the load for one of the Blue switches (in this case a fan switch, VZM35-SN) without the LED bar being activated. I want to show a notification as soon as the load is turned on, but the LED bar transitioning to the all on state seems to take precedence.

I have an automation that turns on the fan and shows a notification via the LEDs (lighting one individually & the rest off). The LED bar fully illuminates in the all on color for a few seconds to show that the fan was turned on before actually showing the notification. Is it possible to work around this?

Check parameter 17. I think setting it to 0 would do what you want.

Thanks—I gave that a go, but it doesn’t seem to do it.

The bar still illuminates. Also, the default value is 11 (seconds), and it seems that it illuminates for far less than 11 seconds. It’s probably 3-5. Also, I don’t have it configured as a ceiling fan (3 speed), I have it as an exhaust fan, so I don’t think this parameter applies to my setup. (At the moment, I believe this is displayed in ZHA as OutputMode On/Off vs Dimmer like the 2-1 switches even though the docs call it something different for fans.)

The 2-in-1 switch (VZM31-SN) has 2 parameters for LED when On/Off state in Z2M called LedIntensityWhenOff and LedIntensityWhenOn
I don’t know what parameter they are in ZHA but I think if you set LedIntensityWhenOn to 0 the LED bar won’t turn on.

I think I tried that earlier, but I just gave it another try to be sure. Instead of turning on, it turns off, so the LEDs are all off for 3-5 seconds before the notification is able to be seen.

Thanks for the thought!

This makes sense if I’m understanding the order of operations. When you press the button, you get the animation turning it on. In this case, since you set the brightness when on to 0, the LEDs are at 0 for the animation and then your notification comes through.

What you might be able to do is try turning on local protection and using an automation on the button press to turn on the load? I know that’s how it would work in smart bulb mode with something like the canopy module being the actual device turned on/off by the automation. Not certain that will still work when it’s the switch itself though.

Yes, with local protection on, you can press up on the paddle without the LEDs illuminating for “on”. However, as soon as the automation turns on the load, the LEDs illuminate for “on” and block the notification I’m trying to display.

So the issue is you can’t do these at the same time:

  • Switch on the load
  • Show a notification

Without the “on” state of the LEDs blocking the notification for a few seconds.

Unless (hopefully) there’s another idea out there (or a firmware update).

I’ve also tried setting Parameter 17 - LED Indicator Timeout to zero as someone suggested in this post.

It’s documented as:

To adjust the time that the LED Bar displays the value of what your Blue Series 2-1 Switch is at (ie: on/off, dim level), you would select Parameter 17 within your hub and then input a range of 0-11, where zero (0) equals always off, each interval equals one second and 11 equals always on.

But it appears that the effect is to momentarily switch away from the notification and show the state of the load. It seems a bit like that maybe should be considered a bug to me based on how it’s documented.