Config button interfering with paddle operation

Sometimes when I press the upper paddle to turn on a light fitted with a red series dimmer, the light does not illuminate. After a few occasions, I’ve determined that if the config button is pressed at or near the same time as the upper paddle, the light will not illuminate.

I believe this is related to the switches design to accept multiple taps to trigger different actions, however, I don’t believe there is an ability to program a combination of the paddle and config button. I attempted to apply a workaround by mapping a press of the config button to turning on the light, however, if the upper paddle is also pressed, nothing happens. So, I don’t believe there is a reliable work-around to this issue.

The best solution I can think of is to isolate interaction with the config button from the paddle. If someone presses both, both the config button and upper paddle actions would be executed.

Are others experiencing this issue? If so, has anyone come up with a work-around?

I am not experiencing this issue. I’ve only had my inovelli fixtures for a few months but have never accidentally pressed the config button when pressing the paddle.

@shaddy - My other half continues to hit the config button over the large paddle. When coming into a room, she just reaches around the wall to hit the up button. Sometimes she gets the config button and thinks she’s hitting the paddle. I would like v2 of the switches to maybe move the config button behind the wall plate, such like a simple dimple to press. I know it’s a pain to configure once installed, but I usually have the wall plates off until I know the switch is working 100%. I haven’t had to use the config button since including in in the z wave network.

How about installing upside down and inverting the switch function.

Yes that would completely solve the problem when turning on the light! :joy: Now my problem is turning it off :sob:

This absolutely drives me mad and I’m kind of regretting filling my house with them. When entering a room, I just reach out and smack the up paddle and since most of my rooms have the switch on the right side of the doorway, the config button is on the right side, right in the way of my hand - so about 50% of the time the lights just don’t turn on and I have to walk back to the switch to carefully press the paddle only.

Surely this can be fixed in software. I’m tempted to break off the config button entirely

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I’d like to see the next version have the config button only as tall as the surrounding plastic so you have to try to hit it, about half of my Red Series switched are on the right when entering a room and so I have this issue on those sometimes as well.

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@Eric_Inovelli what are your thoughts?

I’m looking for a response from Inovelli. I feel that this is a serious flaw that needs to be addressed. @Eric_Inovelli or @anon14959390 can someone respond? Thanks

Same problems here also. I would suggest making the button flush with the rest of the face and have a dimple in the center for a pen, pencil, paperclip…

I use this button to trigger scenes, so making it flush would make it much harder to use.


After pulling the paddle off, I’ve been able to pop out the config button without any issue. I’m considering attempting to sand it down in an attempt to make it flush. It’s not an issue everywhere but can be annoying in certain locations.

Why not just make a rule that has the scene that’s triggered by the config button turn on the light?

I’m also in the camp that uses that button as a secondary button (I actually bought the switch because it has that).

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I’ve tried that but neither action triggers when both buttons are pressed. So you end up with the same problem.

I’m sure it will be addressed. There are folks with 3-ways that are not working correctly with dumb switches, others with lights that sometimes turn off when set to 100% brightness. Some have to buy a bypass to deal with low-power lights not turning completely off (even with a neutral). Inovelli is short-staffed at the moment, and a possible fix will not happen until a future firmware update at the earliest.

It could be intentional for the firmware to ignore both buttons being pushed at once or it was simply not configured to do anything in this situation… Perhaps it could be changed to always turn on when both buttons are incorrectly pressed. For now, if you want to smack your wall switches, turn the switch upside down and look at the switch when turning it off and press the bottom.

(Yes, I also use Config Button for Scenes - it is a great way to have one switch do multiple things without triple tapping)

I will make a suggestion to make the config button closer to the switch profile but if you are hitting the tiny config button thinking it’s the paddle well… :stuck_out_tongue: but I do understand the issue.

I have guests running into this issue, and they come to me to ask me how to turn on the lights.

@anon64478871 I know everyone has their own idea of ways to “solve” the config button issue/non-issue. Just my random thought… The config button is really easy to pop out once you pop the switch off. It would be cool if inovelli could produce a flush button and sell it as an accessory. I would happily pay for one for every switch of mine, I’m guessing they would be super cheap to manufacture and design, same button just lower profile. Just an idea


Actually I was thinking the config button could be flush with the box plate so it could be hidden by the face plate. As far as I can tell the config button is only needed for inclusion/exclusion and thus hidden seems to be a good way to fix that… well unless you want to config other settings but if hidden under the face plate it’s still a better idea… you can’t accidentally hit then :):slight_smile:

Don’t move my config button, it’s button 7 and very useful for toggling switch states in rules :slight_smile: