Config button interfering with paddle operation

Half of these posts deserve its own Thread and made sticky IMHO. This is just awesome…

Also, if you don’t have a 3D printer but want some low-profile buttons, it might be worth checking out your local library (after the quarantine is over). My library has a 3D printer lab, and will help you print things for free.

Awesome! I just picked some up as well! Thanks!

I would like to suggest a FW change to make committing configuration changes less likely to happen unintentionally (maybe a keypress to ‘confirm’ a change?)

I had a bit of a funny issue happen (Thanks to Scott for the support and solution). I believe that a young one in the house was playing with the switch and managed to press the config button 8 times to disable the relay - it’s a stretch but I have no other explanation of how that change could have happened. I have noticed that when I show guests these switches, they all trying pressing the config button ‘just to see what it does’. My issue wasn’t based on accidental pressing. A smaller button may have helped but it’s hard to stop curious human nature.

Has anyone considered using Hubitat to trigger the light to turn on or off if the config button is pushed based on conditional? I just setup a quick rule and tested it. Works pretty good and will probably be implemented on all my Red series switches so my other half thinks she’s hitting the up button each time…

Good idea. I broke out the shapeways thread into it’s own topic.

I don’t have a 3D printer… anyone want to make 12 for me ? The flush version. Of course I will pay for your time and the cost of making them.

@kareem613 setup an order site discussed here:

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I found the 1.7 mm version the only one that could be easily pressed. Thanks P53 for the design! I really need to spend some time to learn how to design 3D objects.

I appreciate the people producing replacement buttons, but I want to ask: is there going to be an official resolution for this issue?

Great question – from a hardware perspective, no unfortunately, there’s not much we can do for this as the minimum order quantity they want from us is 30k and I would guess that we wouldn’t be able to sell through that amount within the next 20 years.

So, we are suggesting @kareem613’s version for anyone that wants smaller buttons as it looks like a great solution!

As for the firmware side of things – the manufacturer is wanting to fix the remaining bugs of the current dimmer before working on an alternate version. They have us in a pickle because they aren’t handing over the source code for us to modify (we’re working through this as it’s in our contract that we own it). But, they will help us with the alternate version once things are fixed with the current version that is scheduled for mass production within two weeks.

I found a much cheaper source for making replacement buttons: just download the file you want from @P53 and go to to get a quote. I got 30 for about $12 delivered.


@rsjaffe I am looking to order about 20-30 of these and am going through the websites you listed. A couple questions for you if you have a minute as I am fairly new to ordering 3d printed parts. First, what material did you use? Second, What infill level did you chose? Third, Did you merge all 30 in to a single stl file? I see it’s $11 but that is for one. I selected PETG white with 100% infill. 1 is $11 after shipping but if I do 30, it bumps the price up to $66.

Thanks for your help!

20% infill. Higher levels shouldn’t be necessary for this part: bumping it up to, say 40%, makes it stronger but 20% seems strong enough.

On the craftcloud website, first I uploaded the file, then I increased the quantity to 30, then I looked at the quotes.

Some of the quotes are initially lower but go up dramatically with quantity. And infill affects price significantly for some of them.

On craftcloud, doing that right now I see the cheapest is $17.64 including shipping. The material I used (polycarbonate) is more expensive right now ($22.89). PLA, ABS, and PETG are all showing less than $19 with shipping for 30 parts.

The material I used was whiter than the switch, but since it is flush and sits above the led, it looks like it “belongs”. The contrast seems reasonable. I found the flush switch to be easy to actuate with a fingernail press (and I have short fingernails). Looking at some info on PETG vs ABS, sounds like PETG is the way to go.

Awesome, thank you! I just orderd 60 of them (30 x 1.7 and 30 x 1) for ~$25 after shipping. That should hold me for a long time. The change the qty on the upload page did the trick. I appreciate the info!!

I’ve got the same issue as y’all. I keep hitting the config button at the same time as trying to turn on the light. Have we come to a consensus on the best place to order these 3D printed config buttons? I’m thinking for price and for matching the white color of the switch. I am looking to order 12 flush in white.

Update - my order got rejected. I am not sure if I chose the wrong material but they said the part was too small to print. Back to the drawing board.

Where were you trying to buy it from? I haven’t heard any issues with the shapeways item I posted.

Closing this topic out as @kareem613’s and @P53’s options are what we’re recommending at this time. We do not have any intentions of printing our own nor modifying the design at this time.

Thank you @kareem613 for creating this solution!

Order low-profile config buttons:

3D Print your own low-profile config buttons: Inovelli Switch Config Button by pFiftyThree - Thingiverse

How to remove the config button: Inovelli How To: Remove Configuration Button - YouTube

Thank you all for your feedback and solution!