Low Profile Config Buttons

There’s a lot of discussion of the issue with the config button the switches sticking out too much for some people’s taste.

@P53 created a printable 3D model of a lower profile button. Lots of details in this thread.
Config button interfering with paddle operation - #74 by kareem613. I just broke this out into it’s own thread so it’s easier to find.

For those that don’t have a 3D printer or don’t want to modify their existing buttons, here’s an alternative option based on @P53’s model.

It’s just a 10-pack version of that same model for cheaper printing on Shapeways.Ten buttons (1 print) cost from $6-12 depending on the finish and color you choose. I made all the options available. I only personally tried out the White Premium Plastic and it came out really nice.

Some have purchased already. Please post when you get them and let us all know how it went for you. Especially if you tried any of the crazy colour options! :slight_smile:


i have never had an issue with hitting the config button but i love the look of these low profile buttons! I am going to pick some up!

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Awesome – made a order for the pack

What’s the process for replacing this button? Do I have to remove the switch from the wall?

It’s fairly simple, just need to remove the face place, then remove the switch paddle, and push the button out. I didn’t turn off any breakers. Inovelli made a how to video also Config button interfering with paddle operation

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Just so your not surprised, when you remove the paddle it also removes the air-gap switch so the switch will loose power and the lights will go out until you put the paddle back on and press the air-gap switch in if necessary.

Thanks for the information. I think this was one of my first complaint/comments on this switch after receiving mine. I can say that over time it has become less of an issue and doesn’t happen as much as muscle memory I think has compensated.

Has anyone verified that changing the plastic config button actually voids the warranty on the switch as stated in the video. I can understand modifying internals, but changing out the config button as a warranty voiding modification surprises me.

@Wright100 - I would bet that Inovelli would honor the warranty. They’ve already approved the idea of the buttons and have no issues with the listing. I would just keep a bag of the original buttons in case you do have to send it back.

Unfortunately Shapeways is increasing their pricing. I’m guessing a side effect of the times.
All the finishes with the exception of one are going up by $1.50. Changes take effect April 15th. I’ll wait to update prices until then.

Versatile Plastic prices are changing for all colors and finishes EXCEPT White Natural . Dyed parts are increasing by $1.50; processed and premium (polished) parts are increasing by $1; dyed and polished are increasing by $2.50. White Natural remains unchanged.

They’ve also dropped prices for a different 3D print process, but it’s only available in gray and black. Slightly lesser price than the others if you prefer gray/black.

Prices have dropped by up to 50% for HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12 and Multi Jet Fusion PA12 Glass Beads .

Bottom line. The natural white material price isn’t changing. Everything else is going up by $1.50. Two new options in black/gray that might be good alternatives if you like gray/black.

I was all in until I saw shipping dates. May 11 for manufacturing dates. Ehh little far out for me at this time.

For what it’s worth, my order shipped after about a week. Either way, they’re easy to swap out after the switch install, so timing wasn’t really a factor for me. You don’t have to wait to install them.

@kareem613 - unfortunately we may be moving around then and don’t need to spend more money for someone else to enjoy; however, we may be here a few more months due to corona so we’ll just have to wing it. Thanks!

Just received my today. Very easy to install and look like the real thing. No complaints.

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Great to hear! Thanks for posting.

@kareem613 I just received access to a 3D printer, would you be willing to share the 10-pack via thingiverse or similar? I couldn’t find a way to get at your original shape file for the 10 pack.



My library will print items @5 cents/gram. Any one know what they weigh?

Not sure if I have a scale that calculates that low…only dealers sale by the gram.


Ounces? Then I get can a rough idea.

@stu1811 Apparently my other half is a dealer. Her scale does grams.


I’m sure I have it around somewhere.
Is it an FDM printer though? I don’t think an FDM printer can pull it off. Might be worth a try anyways though.