Configure LZW31 3 Way with Dumb Switch - Disable Relay doesn't work with Dumb Switch?

Hi - I just setup an LZW31 in a 3 way config and opted to keep my dumb switch on the load line (per the wiring diagram). I set all the necessary options in settings (I have latest device handler) for 3 way config - all seems well with basic functionality. So I am pleased. I was eager to try the “disable internal relay” feature - as this is one of the top reasons for buying the Inovelli switches. I set disable internal relay to on/true and it works at the LZW31 switch (which is obviously on hot line). Pressing button on smart switch does not (as expected). I then pressed the dumb switch and it toggles my light. So it seems in this configuration, I can’t disable all the switches in my 3 way configuration (or can I?). I even tried disable local control of child devices (which I dont think I understand what a child device is just yet) and that didn’t work either.

So what’s the best way to disable all switches in a 3 way configuration? Do I need to get rid of the dumb switch and get an AUX switch or do I need another Inovelli Smart switch (making two smart switches in my 3 way config). I am open to either scenario or if possible making the dumb switch work too. It feels more like a software problem as the dumb switch is just sending a command to the smart switch and the smart switch should ignore it if configured to disable internal relay.

btw - I am using SmartThings…

Any guidance please?

Works with aux/momentary switch, but not with toggle. Your experience is as-expected. Need to get an aux for it to work how you desire.

Unfortunately, even with the latest beta firmware, a dumb switch will override local protection disabled on an Inovelli. I don’t think that’s the case if you substitute an Aux, but someone that has tested this with the latest beta firmware should confirm. EDIT: @kreene1987 confirmed that an Aux is the solution.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I have a couple of GE AUX switches coming today from Amazon and will try them out to see if this works.

What is the use case for having a 3-way with all the dumb switches disabled? If you don’t want the dumb switches to work, why not just bypass them? :thinking:

Maybe if we understood the end goal there might be another solution :nerd_face:

I’d like to ability to disable the physical switch “on demand”. One use case is for a child or someone else who likes to play with the switch buttons. Disabling local control would solve this. Incidentally this use case if the primary reason a lot of people ended up with the inovelli switches as I think they’re the only smart switch that has this feature.

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I just finished installing the GE Enbrighten 46199 aux switch (paired up with Black Series Dimmer as mentioned in the original post). I can confirm as per kreene1987 suggestion, the AUX switch DOES honor local control disablement! Very happy with this. Note, I used the following aux wiring diagram where it looks like the common/hot and load wires are spliced together at the aux switch side (the first wiring didn’t work). Also I had to set the switch type to 3-way momentary.

Aux Wiring Diagram

When I used 3-way toggle, I could turn off but not back on at the aux switch. Anyway setting it to 3 way momentary it works like a charm. Now I can disable local control from both the master switch and the aux switch :slight_smile: - very pleased (did I say that already).

Thank You for the suggestion.