Confirming 4 way wiring, no neutral, source at fixture

Looking to confirm my wiring setup before swapping in an Inovelli black dimmer and two GE slave switches. Specifically how do I wire additional slave switches? Thanks for the help, still learning. I searched the forums and found some answers but double checking.

Switch 1 - There’s a romex 2 and romex 3 feeding the switch. The white wire from the romex 2 is hot (line voltage) and nutted to the black on the romex 3.

Switch 2 - 4 way switch

Switch 3 - 3 way

Based on color coding and the line voltage on the white wire, I’m pretty sure my wiring diagram looks like this.

Based on all that I believe my Inovelli switch will be wired with the white wire form the romex 2 going to line. Black wire from romex 2 going to load. Red traveler from the romex 3 will go to traveler. Black wires from romex 3 will go to line. White wire on romex 3 will get capped.

My first slave switch (GE) will replace the 4 way with the black wire, from the romex 3 coming from switch 1, going to neutral, and red wire going to traveler. White capped.

How do I wire additional slave switches? Are they wired in parallel with black going to neutral, and red to traveler, and white capped?

Yes. The diagram is for 2 devices but additional go in parallel.

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Given my source is at the fixture, I don’t have a neutral in the box. I found this diagram which shows pushing line to the slave boxes. Is that right?

Yep, sorry. I fixed my prior post. Send the hot to the Aux via the black and the traveler to the red. Use the 2nd backstab hole to send to the 3rd device. Cap the white in the last box. I’d leave the wire nutted white in the middle box alone.