Dead link from insert in the Blue box

In the switches I received, there’s a link to, a link that is broken. If this package insert is out of date or otherwise bad, the link should still work, but maybe direct to a page that says ‘it’s out of date, here’s what to look at instead’

Or did I get knock-off switches :thinking:

Or have I literally been mistyping it the whole time? I literally used Google Lens to transcribe it for me because I thought I was going mad.

@Eric_Inovelli - maybe need to fix url?

See the Pre-Setup section with the vidoes in the manual. Search for Pre-Setup. Can’t post a direct link.

Here is the link to Blue stuff:

Still would be good to have the short code link enabled and redirected there. It’s pretty frustrating when the link that’s supposed to get you started is a total dead end :frowning:

Apologies, this is fixed. I had it mistyped in the short URL database.