[DEVICE PAGE] Inovelli 4-in-1 motion sensor LZW60

This is our new 4-in-1 sensor. It provides some great features at an affordable price! Here is our website link to the device:

  • Light: Save energy by making sure lights don’t turn on if it’s bright enough.
  • Motion: Be notified when you’re away and automate your lighting.
  • Humidity: To avoid excess moisture, trigger fans and dehumidifiers.
  • Temperature: Smarter climate control by monitoring every room in your home.

This thread will be the location for general information about the sensor and different platform support. Today we are posting the device handler for SmartThings and the driver for Hubitat. The device will likely work on other platforms, but we are still working on testing and creating any config files that are necessary. (Homeseer, Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Home Center, Vera, etc.).

Here is a list of the available options with the initial firmware release:

Config Options

10 Low Battery Alert Level At what battery level should the sensor send a low battery alert 1 10…50 10
12 Motion Sensor Sensitivity Sensitivity level of the motion sensor. 0=Disabled 1=Low 10=High 1 0…10 8
13 Motion Sensor Reset Time How long after motion stops should the sensor wait before sending a no-motion report 2 5…15300 30
14 Send Basic Set on Motion Send a Basic Set report to devices in association group 2 1 [1:Yes, 0:No] 0
15 Reverse Basic Set ON / OFF Send OFF to devices in association group 2 when motion is triggered and ON when motion stops 1 [1:Yes, 0:No] 0
101 Temperature Reporting Interval Interval, in seconds, in which temperature reports should be sent. 0=Disabled 4 0…2678400 7200
102 Humidity Reporting Interval Interval, in seconds, in which humidity reports should be sent. 0=Disabled 4 0…2678400 7200
103 Luminance Reporting Interval Interval, in seconds, in which luminance reports should be sent. 0=Disabled 4 0…2678400 7200
104 Battery Level Reporting Interval Interval, in seconds, in which battery reports should be sent. 0=Disabled 4 0…2678400 7200
110 Send Reports According to Threshold Only send sensor reports if the below thresholds are met 1 [1:Yes, 0:No] 0
111 Temperature Threshold Threshold for temperature reports to be sent 2 1…500 10
112 Humidity Threshold Threshold for humidity reports to be sent 1 1…32 5
113 Luminance Threshold Threshold for luminance reports to be sent 2 1…65528 150
114 Battery Threshold Threshold for battery reports to be sent 1 1…100 10

Temperature Offset*
Humidity Offset*
Luminance Offset*

* Offsets are a software option written into the device handler / driver. This means the offsets are immediately applied when these options are changed. You don’t have to wait for the device to wake up, have the setting update, and then receive a new temp, humidity, luminance, report.

Inclusion / Exclusion
Put your hub into inclusion or exclusion mode and press the button on the back of the 4-in-1 sensor one time.

Wake Up Device
To wake up the sensor so that your hub can send it configuration parameters quickly press on the button on the back 3 times.

Device Manual
Download it from here.

Hubitat Driver:

SmartThings Device Handler:
Note: If you would like local execution in SmartThings without all the config options provided by our handler, you can use the “Z-Wave Motion/Temp/Light Sensor”. Other than the missing config options, that handler also doesn’t support humidity.

Custom Handler with All Features:

Homeseer 3
All functionality appears to be there out of the box for Homeseer.

“I’ve done some testing on my Vera Plus, and it seems like everything is working except for motion . . . which is strange. It is using the notification command class and is sending a “Home Security - Motion detection”. I’ll reach out to Vera to see what they can do. They will probably have us send them a sample of it so it may take some time for them to figure it out.”

Instructions for Vera located here: [DEVICE PAGE] Inovelli 4-in-1 motion sensor LZW60 - #109 by diysmarthomeguy

Fibaro Home Center

Similar to Vera, Fibaro is only showing data for the light sensor, temperature, and humidity. It seems that it is not parsing the Home Security notification correctly. I’ve reached out to Fibaro for comment. More information can be found in this post:

I got mine yesterday and installed it today in SmartThings using the device handler mentioned. So far, all good.

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@tyuhl, what type of batteries does it use? What is the expected battery life?

Also, what are the physical dimensions and the”cone” of detection of the motion sensor?

Is it “pet safe”?

Sorry, I’m just a new user of this device. :grinning: All I can tell you is that it uses a CR123A battery. Someone from Inovelli will have to field your other questions.

How accurate is the battery life reporting? I have a bunch of Monoprice/Zooz motions and they report 0% months before they actually need batteries. Also what units are the light levels reported as? With my Monoprice ones it’s a 0%-100% with no base reference point I could find, so it’s basically useless.

This post seems to have some additional information:

From what I can see, it has an approx 2 year battery life. Manual

Unfortunately, the manual doesnt really state the minimum or maximum brightness values, or the unit of measurement.

That link to the manufacturer says this device is not Z-Wave plus?!

Interesting catch. I wonder if its a typo.

The same page says

  • Z-Wave Plus Version: 1
  • Z-Wave hardware platform: ZM5101

I looked up some information on the ZM5101, and it says it uses the 500 series module (which is zwave plus).

I have this sensor and it has the Z-Wave Plus sticker on it.

do we know the distance and sensitivity of the motion sensor by chance?

Would this work as a motion sensor for an home alarm? Would it be able to ignore pets etc by chance? I dont own a dog, but i would think this could be good for someone that does.

@tyuhl How is the response to motion? Fast enough to use for lighting?

@SecondEmpire Response seems fine for use with lighting control. If you are using it with SmartThings, the device handler has options to change motion detection behavior (sensitivity,for example).


Does it have an LED status light on it? I’m currently using an Aeotec sensor to monitor temps in a babys room and it has an annoying LED on it that doesn’t like to stay off even when its told to stay off.

@EHaberfe The rated battery life for the sensor is 2-years. That is with the default configuration options of reporting every 2 hours and a wake time of every 24 hours. If you adjust those settings, battery life will likely be affected. There are options to only send reports if certain thresholds are met (like temperature must increase/decrease by 1 degree, etc.) which may increase battery life if you use that feature.

@SecondEmpire The device is Z-wave plus. That must be a typo on the alliance website. For reference, all of our devices are and will be z-wave plus. Our devices that are in development right now will be Z-wave 700 series.

@Byarnell05 There is a Red LED that is activated when the device detects motion. It is really subtle though as it is behind the motion sensor cover. Not nearly as bright as the Aeon, but everyone has different tastes when it relates to things like this.

Just got mine. Love it!!! Small, Simple, Clean!

Couple of questions. You mention a “wake time of every 24 hours”, is that the battery reporting?

Was any testing done (or any estimates) if the lux, temp and humidity are set to report a lot more frequently (5 min) with the current thresholds?

@platup Be careful. I tried fooling around with the parameters for temp and humidity parameters. Nothing drastic (or so I thought) - just changing the reporting interval to 10 minutes for both. I also changed the reporting thresholds for temp and humidity to 2. Result? I killed the battery in one day!

That is actually just part of the z-wave spec for battery powered devices. The device is supposed to wake up every x minutes to see if there are any commands that it needs to process. The battery reporting frequency is determined by the configuration parameters for the reporting interval and threshold setting.

I’ve had my sensors setup for almost 5 months and the battery level is 97%. I would say that it is on par with other sensors of its type, maybe better. One thing that is great about it is that you can customize it with thresholds and reporting intervals. If you aren’t interested in lux reporting you can disable that for example. You can change the rest of the devices sensor settings as well.

There hasn’t been battery testing based on various configuration settings (other than the defaults). I would say a 5 minute interval would drain the battery pretty significantly. You should probably use USB power in this case.

@tyuhl I’m surprised that the battery drained so fast. I wonder what would have caused that. I’ll set up one of my sensors with a 10 minute interval and a fresh battery and see what happens.

I was hoping to use the LUX along with the Motion, but a 2hr interval is too slow to determine if lights need to be on. 10 - 15 minutes seems better.
Same with humidity, I was hoping to use it to trigger an exhaust fan, but I would want it to poll even more frequently every 5 minutes max.

Is any one sensor more costly than the others in regards to the battery drain?

I set lux, temp and humidity to 5min with the default thresholds. I left the battery reporting at the default.
I’ll give it a few hours and press the button to get it to check in and see if there is any huge impact.

Mine is ordered and will be in on Wednesday … Kinda excited to play with the code… Tons of configuration parameters…

I plan to utilize the micro-usb power for more rapid reporting…

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@bcopeland FYI - I have one of these sensors and I don’t see any micro-usb connector on it.