Did the manuals go missing

I don’t know if it’s me or if something changed.

I have several Red switches, some red dimmers, some older black dimmers and black switches, 3 blue switch/dimmers. I had issues with my old hubitat system so I got a new Hubitat and installed it and want to start completely over from scratch.

So I came to the site to look for manuals on the switches I listed here. I specifically was looknig on how to do a factory reset on all of those so I could do that and then re-pair them.

But now I can’t find a PDF or other manual on how to reset the switches to factory. I could find manuals on the red dimmers but nothing on the switches.

Did a lot of the documentation go missing? Or is it just me?

I think they’ve been in the process of migrating back to the support site. You should be able to track them down at https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/inovelli

Gen 2 Red Dimmer
The Gen 2 Red Dimmer pdf manual is MIA. Here is the spec sheet that has a link to it that doesn’t work:

Here is an online version:

Gen 2 Red Switch -

Gen 2 Black Dimmer -

Gen 2 Black Switch -

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LZW31-SN Manual

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Thank you everyone!

Now if I culd figue out how to pair my blue 2 in 1 with my new hubitat. How do you reset a blue 2 i 1 to factory?

Hold down and then hold config until it flashes purple.

Press and hold the config button and then the paddle up button. It will cycle through a few colors, but as soon as you see the RED LEDs (it takes a few moments, so be patient), release the paddle up and then the config button. You’ll see the LEDs cycle blue for a moment and then it will pulse blue waiting to be joined to your hub.