Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN stopped working today with smartthings

I have 3 Red series Dimmer and they are linked to a smartthings hub. They are all powering smart RGBW bulb. I’m using the light devide handler in the smartthings app. Various Taps of the switch launch scenes. I have like 5-6 setup per switch. Today, everything stopped working. I know that smartthings is moving to edge and I also got trouble with my thermostat in the last weeks. the setup page in the light device handler is all changed and its not relevant anymore. I re setup the trigger according to the new way of doing it and still, nothing is working. I tryed to active the Edge driver release by Inovelli through smartthings web page and it didn’t changed anything see here. I also hard reseted the switch… no impact.

Am I the only one with this problem? Its not very fun when the light in your kid’s room stop working :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your help.


You’re going in the right direction based on your suspicions. If all three of your Red dimmers stopped working at or about the same time, there’s a pretty good chance it’s due to the driver migration.

Setting up for the Inovelli Edge drivers was the logical next step, but let’s check to make sure the driver is working correctly. Open the device page for each of your three dimmers, one at a time. Click the 3-dot menu at the top right. When it opens, do you see a menu pick for “Driver”?

If you do, select it and then post a screenshot of one of those Driver pages. Also, make sure that all three have the Driver menu. If they don’t, post that info too.

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Yeah good point, when I got problema wirh my thermostats, I was coinciding with the apparition of the driver menu… for the dimmer switch, the menu has not showed yet… see screen shot, in french

Thanks. So if you are not seeing the Device menu then you are not using an Edge driver. After you load the Edge drivers, you must remove the dimmer from SmartThings and then re-add it.

These are the steps that I take. They are redundant but help ensure that things go properly.

  1. Delete the device in the app
  2. Look in the IDE and make sure that the device is gone from there too. If it’s not, delete it there.
  3. Using either the IDE or the app, do a general exclusion via the hub utilities and exclude the switch you just removed. Start the exclusion utility and 3x press the config button. SmarThings should confirm that a device was deleted
  4. Factory reset the switch using a long press on the config button until it turns red.
  5. Re-add the switch to SmartThings
  6. Open the device’s page in the app and make sure that you are seeing the Driver menu

I Havent’t removed and add the switches to make sure the edge driver is used, but I discovered that I have two lighting app in the smartthings app. 3 automations were in the app named in english, the lower one, and they are working! The newer lighting app is not working, but seems to be the latest.

Look at the image below. You can see the button name in the old smart lighting. You can select push or held which is the up or down button and the number represent the number of tap. This is old method that I used a year ago whan I set it up…

In the new lighting app, you select button 1, 2 or 3 and select the number of tap.

That is correct. The one with the square icon is the old Groovy-based SmartLighting. The newer one with the light bulb icon is the newer Lua-based SmartLighting.

Thing will change a bit since the apps are written in a new language, but the concept remains the same.

Samsung has indicated they are going to migrate the automations from the old version to the new version, but that remains to be seen. If it were me, I’d manually migrate them. The old version will go away when Groovy is shutdown, so you might as well get used to the new app, or just use routines.

on maybe 15 automations, they all migrated except 3 of them. The unmigrated 3 are the only one that were still working. The new one are not. I will do the removing and addition probably this weekend and give some feedback here.

Meanwhile, I recreated the basic automations for ON and OFF for my kids bedroom lights to quickly fix this. :sweat_smile:

Big thanks for your support!