Dimming help with a binded Blue 2-1

I’ve binded 2 hue bulbs directly to my Blue 2-1 in Smart Bulb mode using Z2M by following the easy to follow tutorial video below. Being that I’ve never done this before, can a binded switch also act as a dimmer or is it limited to on/off? If dimming requires communication to the controller via an automation, is there a blueprint to achieve this? I can’t find one. I even just attempted to create my own automation and I don’t see a long press up (for brightening) or long press down (for dimming) as a trigger option. What am I missing?

Looks like I found a blueprint for ZHA, but I don’t see anything for Z2M.

ZigBee binding with the blue dimmer to hue bulbs can control both on/off and dimming (level control)- no coordinator intervention needed. Just make sure you bind the level control cluster and it should just work out of the box.

Note there is currently a bug in the firmware that messes with the color temp of newer hue bulbs when dimming via binding, but sounds like it will be fixed in the next firmware update:

Just like when I follow the video, I have the following binding options that I can check: “Identify”, “LevelCtrl”, “OnOff”, and “ManuSpecificInovelliVZM31SN”. I check “LevelCtrl” (like in the video) which I believe is what you’re mentioning I should do? If yes, I do not have the ability to dim the bulbs like you mention, only on/off. Am I missing something?

Hmm- it sounds like you have the binding configured correctly. Have you perhaps set the switch to only function as on/off in the settings instead of being a dimmer?

Can you test: if you hold down on the paddle, that the led light on the switch “dims” as you continue to hold it? I think that would at least test that you have it set up as a dimmer properly.

If that is the case, perhaps post a screenshot of the binding configuration just in case you may have overlooked something?

Finally getting a moment to respond – I didn’t realize it defaulted to on/off and it wasn’t until after you mentioned it that I checked in ‘Exposed’ and flipped it over to ‘Dimmer’. All is working well now! Thanks :slight_smile: