Dimming Speed / Ramp Rate in MS?

This post was incredibly helpful in understanding the difference between the 4 parameters.

And this one seems to suggest that MS is not available, but I wanted to confirm that is not the case?

Ideally, I’d like to be able to ramp UP in MS (as I’d like the lights to turn on quickly but enjoy the fade in), but I’d like them to ramp DOWN in seconds (or at least greater than 1s, so 1500ms would be fine).

If this is not the case I may set up to 0 and down to 1, but wanted to confirm before I went down that route.

Ramp times are integer seconds right now.

Thanks for confirming…one more quick question. Is it possible to bulk update these settings? I have a lot of dimmers and I’d like them all to have the same settings :slight_smile:

Yes it is. I haven’t done it but here is one example.

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Hmm…I think I’m misunderstanding this post

I set Dimming Speed to 0 (and the rest of the parameters are set to follow dimming speed), but I can no longer dim the lights. If I hold the rocker down, they go all the way off immediately.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to have the lights turn on very quickly (immediately is fine since MS support isn’t available yet), but also be able to dim the lights as well.

Reading that post again, does this mean that ramp rate should be 0? And perhaps dimming speed be 1?

Yes, dimming is changing the brightness and ramp is turn-on or off.

Makes sense…thanks!