Double/Triple Tap etc in Smartthings

Can someone point me in the right direction for adding double tap, triple tap etc functionality in Smartthings for the red series on/off switches? Is this something I need to make a smartapp to use?

@Wright100 - Did you install the child and drivers in ST IDE?

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@harjms - Yea I installed the device handler as per the directions. Is this the same as the child and drivers?

Edit: Wait I installed the

  • Inovelli Switch Red Series
  • Author: Eric Maycock (erocm123)
  • Date: 2019-10-10

But I’m also seeings

  • Inovelli Switch LZW30
  • Author: Eric Maycock (erocm123)
  • Date: 2019-10-15

Which one is correct? The first one is what is linked from the product page. The second is what is linked from the link you sent. I see the child device handler on the product page. What do I do with that?


@Wright100 - I believe the child driver is only for notifications (don’t quote me on that). If you have the device handler installed AND assigned to your Inovelli Switch within IDE, you should be able to use ST Classic to open each switch to customize the multiple taps. I’m not a ST user, so I’m just going off of memory. @Eric_Inovelli He’s a ST user…for some reason.

You should be using the LZW30-SN (Red series) device handlers as the basic LZW30 is just the basic B switch. Ignore my link. i think you had the right one.

If you want notifications, you’ll need to install the child for notifications. I think it runs the engine required to trigger the LEDs. (Again don’t quote me on that, I don’t code for a living).

@wright100 @Eric_Inovelli Yea I started with Smartthings years ago and have just stuck with it because it was what I was used to. I’m open to different options (was looking into what Homeseer has recently) but haven’t made any changes yet. When I open the Smartthings App and look at the switch I can see current power usage and power usage since last reset. I can also reset that power measure. Nothing else shows up besides the inovelli symbol and the option to referesh.

@Wright100 - Check out this post…it may help steer you in the right direction. Maybe Classic app is not for Scenes, so maybe try the new ST apps. SmartThings Scenes

@harjms - It looks from that thread like people were having different experiences. I never went all the way through with it, but one of the first things I tried was making a scene in both the new app and the old app. I had the option to do it, but my only options for choosing a initiator was on and off. No double tap etc. The last person was saying that the classic app has all the advanced functions for them, but the thread ended there unfortunately lol. Not really sure whats going on here.

Edit: I should mention that I do have advanced options such as

  • State After Power Restored
  • Invert Switch
  • Auto Off Timer
  • Association Behavior
  • LED Strip Color
  • Custom LED RGB Value
  • LED Strip Intensity
  • LED Strip Intensity (When OFF)
  • etc

Edit: I tried factory resetting the switch. Removing it from the network. Deleting the device handler. Adding the device handler and the switch again and ended up with the same result.

Hang tight I’ll respond shortly - have to drop my daughter off at cheerleading.

Haha - wish I had time to switch!

Alright, @Wright100 – let’s get this party started. I’m going to answer your questions/comments in order, so apologies if @harjms answered them already (thanks James!)

This is the correct handler (for anyone else reading this, here is the LZW30-SN Red Series Handler)

The child device handler is for notifications. Make sure to install that if you want the notifications :slight_smile:

This is 100% correct

Perfect, this means the handler was installed correctly - nice work! Just a couple more steps and we’ll get the double/triple taps, etc.

This is actually a different scene thread (confusing, I know). These scenes are the built in ST scene “app”, whereas the double/triple tap are Z-Wave scenes, which is a command class within the firmware of the switch.

Alright, all caught up – let’s get you setup with the scenes!

If you go to this link:

Then scroll down to where it says, “Installation Instructions” and make sure the tab is set to Samsung SmartThings. Then in Step 5, “Setting up Scenes”, it will walk you through how to setup various scenes. I’ll copy/paste below for future reference.

Step 5 - Setting up Scenes

With the device handlers installed, let’s set up some scenes! Before we do so, let’s go over a few basics so you can understand the logic behind how to properly map your scenes.

The way SmartThings works is that it recognizes this switch as a button controller and each button can be broken down into two separate buttons (scenes).

This switch is broken down as follows:

  • The paddle has 6 buttons (Buttons 1-6)
  • The config / favorites button is also considered a button (Button 7)

Buttons 1-6 are split into two scenes (Pushed and Held). Those words have no meaning in that you’re not pushing or holding — it’s just what they’re called.

IMPORTANT: Always remember that when you tap UP, it equals PUSHED and when you tap DOWN = HELD.

Here’s the correct mapping for reference:

  • Tap UP 1x = Button 1 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 1x = Button 1 HELD
  • Tap UP 2x = Button 2 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 2x = Button 2 HELD
  • Tap UP 3x = Button 3 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 3x = Button 3 HELD
  • Tap UP 4x = Button 4 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 4x = Button 4 HELD
  • Tap UP 5x = Button 5 PUSHED
  • Tap DOWN 5x = Button 5 HELD
  • Hold UP 3 Seconds = Button 6 PUSHED
  • Hold DOWN 3 Seconds = Button 6 HELD
  • Tap the Config/Favorite Button 1x = Button 7 PUSHED

Now that we have a background, let’s configure our first scene. In this example, I’d like to turn off all lights in the house via a double tap down.

  • From the, “My Home” screen, click on, “Marketplace” and then, “SmartApps”
  • Then click on, “SmartThings Recommends”
  • Next, click, “Smart Lights”
  • Click on, “Which devices do you want to control?” and select all the lights you want to turn off and click, “Done”
  • Next, click on, “What do you want to do?” and select, “Turn Off”
  • Next, click on, “Select Trigger” and select, “Button”
  • Click on, “Which Button?” and select the Inovelli Red Series Switch you just installed
  • Where it says, “Button Number” since I want the scene to execute when I DOUBLE TAP down, I would select, “Button Number” and select, “Two”
  • Again, since it’s a double tap DOWN , I would select, “Button Action” and select, “ HELD ” (if it was double tap UP, you’d select PUSHED)
  • Deselect, “Toggle on & off” (unless you want to turn all your lights on from the same button tap sequence)
  • If you’d like this button to only execute during certain times, you can click the, “More Options” and put your times in — otherwise, just click, “Next” and, “Save”

That’s it! If you want a more advanced option, consider downloading and installing the ABC SmartApp, which gives you the ability to lock doors and many other options.

Hope that helps!

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@Eric_Inovelli - That does help. Idk how I missed this set of directions before.

As a follow up question is there a way to do this in the new smartthings app? I have motorized shades that only work with the new app that I was hoping to integrate into the light switches.

Lol it’s OK - we’re working on a new site that will make it easier to find things. The current site is a thorn in my side!

Let me play around a bit with this. I haven’t messed too much with the new app, so I can’t confirm this. I’ll also reach out to my contact at ST to see if he has any ideas.

Have you searched the ST Community at all? Maybe I’ll check that out too.

That’s strange it doesn’t show up in the Classic App, I’ve only heard of products that don’t work in the new app. What a mess over there lol!

Yea… If I knew a system existed out there that would definitely work with everything I’d make the switch. This whole thing with the new and classic smartthings apps is a real pain and feels like its going on forever. No big rush on looking at the new app I’m messing around with the new app as well, but currently my shades can be controlled manually by clicking the button in the app, but are not showing up in the automation screen. Even if there was a way I couldn’t implement it now anyways until I figure out this other problem lol. There are placeholders for the shades in the classic app, but they say tile missing or something and there are no controls… No idea there.

What do they show up as in IDE under the Device Type? I wonder if you changed it to something generic, if it would show up.

What type of blinds are they?

They are Leviosa shades. The device type is a good thought. They are coming up as placeholder lol which I’m assuming is not correct. I saw online they are using the window shade type but that is not a option in the list that I can find. Gonna have to look into this more.

Yeah I’ve seen this exact scenario before when I paired one of my devices (I think it was a switch) at my house and it showed up as like a 2015 Samsung TV or something extremely random haha.

Once I changed it to the correct type, it worked.

I’ll look into it to and see if I can come up with something!

Edit: this looks promising. I can help you with this: Leviosa Motor Shades - Custom Motor Shades now fully SmartThings compatible - #22 by Terminal - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community

Edit 2: Just read down the thread more and looks like you commented on the thread already :joy:

Yup thats me lol. I found another thread that said they use the window shade type, but I don’t see that as an option. There is zwave window shade, but these aren’t zwave they are actually wifi, though maybe they still use that type idk.

Anybody getting this where the button cannot be inputted?


Hey @mardy – quick question, do you have the Red Series switch or the Black Series (apologies in advance if you’ve answered this)?

If you have the Black Series, this isn’t a function that’s available on the Black Series.

However, if you have the Red Series, can you double-check you’ve installed the correct handler (found here: LZW31-SN Device Handler)?

I’ve definitely seen that screenshot before and it usually boils down to the switch not having this capability (ie: Black Series) or the Device Handler wasn’t installed (or the wrong one was installed).

Hang in there, we’ll figure it out!

Thanks for the answer @Eric_Inovelli! That solved my problem and also the problem of not being able to use the switch after using the wrong device handler.

Which reminds me…on page, the LZW30-SN tab on the left links to LZW30 device handler, same as the black series handler. That’s how I ended up using the incorrect handler.

We are currently testing a new version of ABC Controller which will now include button 7 (config) as an option.

This version also has Sonos control & some revised Fan controls.

The new version should be released on 1st Feb 2020 and can either be upgraded from you SmartThings IDE by clicking update from Repo in the My SmartApps Tab.

Please ensure you are pointing to the new repo not Stephans original one

Note to admin, you may wish to update the cut & paste code after this date. The new version will be 0.3.200201.

This link is still broken as of Feb 2020, BTW…