Easy LED Bar Sync on Hubitat

I haven’t seen anyone post about this tool used in this way so I figured I’d share an easy method for syncing the LED bars on multiple switches/dimmers using an app called Switch Bindings. The app is mostly meant for keeping multiple lights and switches in sync basically as a replacement for z-wave association (and without requiring z-wave) but it also supports 1-way sync. I use the 1-way sync on top of the z-wave association and it (so far) seamlessly keeps the LED bars in sync.

In my example, I have three Inovelli dimmers in a virtual 4-way with z-wave associations set up and local control disabled on the “AUX” switches. Then I set up a Switch Binding with the load switch as master and 1-way sync switched on. There is a couple of seconds delay for the LEDs since it’s slightly slower than the z-wave association but so far I haven’t had any issues.

Switch Bindings is available here:


Okay… REALLY Stupid question… What would be the difference between using Hubitat’s Groups and Scenes and this? What are the advantages?

I can’t speak to this implementation, but I use switch bindings quite a bit (even in conjunction with Hubitat groups) … for example, the one-way and master logic of bindings lets you use a source as a master control (i.e. hit the switch and turn two lights on), and then later turn a single light off without affecting the state of the switch or the second light.

I have the same configuration you do (virtual 4 way) and I’ve been using the build in “Mirror” app to do the same thing.

In my case, SWITCH = load, SWITCH-m, SWITCH-l are secondary. Zway association setup from SWITCH-m -> SWITCH, SWITCH-l -> SWITCH than “mirror” app has source of SWITCH and dest of SWITCH-m, SWITCH-l

It seems to be working pretty good and I haven’t noticed any issues but it’s great to have options.

I am probably not the best person to answer this since I’ve barely touched groups and scenes but, as far as I know, adding all my dimmers to a single group won’t sync the LED dimmer bars unless you’re only triggering the group. That could work fine but, again as far as I know, then you can’t use the z-wave association for the faster response.

Ah, I did not know about this app. I just gave it a head-to-head test run (I have two a virtual 3-way right next to a virtual 4-way) and the speeds are identical so I may switch over to the built-in app. But yes, good to have options, thanks!