Fan/Light Switch Disconnection Issue Thread

What frequency does the wall switch communicate on? Could these problems (especially the intermittent ones) be from local radio interference?

The reason I wonder is we had an issue once with LED greenhouse bulbs next door (over 100 ft away), causing enough interference that any TV channels in the 200 MHz range became unwatchable whenever the bulbs turned on.

Perhaps there are some cheap LED or fluorescent bulbs nearby that were poorly designed or are going bad.

I thought this was in the 2.4g range, not 100%. However I will say I haven’t had a single miss on my fan switch. It turns on and off each night with a simple routine from HE RM. the light in the fan does exhibit brightness to dim when the washer is running, but so do most of my LEDs and not contributing it to the fan switch.

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Honestly that blueprint is awesome! Thanks for making it!

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For documentation purposes, I want to mention that I had to air-gap one of my LZW36’s twice yesterday because it stopped communicating with the canopy module. All of my LZW36’s have been running the short-lived v1.34 firmware since this disconnect problem was first discovered, and everything has been bulletproof up until yesterday.

I spent a little quality time in HomeAssistant J-Wave JS to MQTT this morning, updating the firmware on all of them to the latest v1.36 just to rule that out. I also updated my LZW30-SN’s to the latest v1.22, since many of them still had the factory firmware load on them. Let’s see if it disconnects again in a few years… :laughing:

Anyone have an extra canopy module or one you removed or replaced? Would be interested in buying if so.

I’ve posted in this thread a handful of times… I wanted to loop back to say that both of my Red Series fan/light switches have worked flawlessly for probably 6 months. In that time, inside temps have probably stayed in a 10 degree range while outside temps have changed drastically. No RF devices have been added or removed in that time. I’ve made no changes to the circuits those switches are on, that I can remember.

It’s just as mysterious to me why they work fine now as it was why they weren’t working before, but I’m pleased they’re working.


Deleted. Not the same issue.

If your switch is doing the same thing as your fan switch, I’d be looking into the hub. That’s not a default for any of the devices.

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Completely separate issue. This issue is a disconnect between the switch and the canopy module so when you press the button to turn on/off the light or fan, nothing happens.

If yours is turning off exactly at 2hrs 10 min I’d be looking into an automation or something that could be sending it the off command. If the time varies, then it could be just about anything and you’d need more troubleshooting.

I agree. Don’t forget about voice assistants. Alexa in particular is notorious for implementing rules via “Hunches” that users aren’t aware have been turned on.

FYI I believe the 2hr 10 min issue is actually a firmware bug.

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It is summer time and getting hotter in my area. I have noticed that my connection between the switch and the canopy module is getting worse again. Last night I had to keep trying to turn the light off for about 5 minutes before the canopy actually received the signal. I don’t know if it is actually related to the heat though. It seems like it just randomly decides when it is going to work.
This is with the canopy antenna sticking out of the fan cover, the switch hanging out of the box, and about 8 feet in-between them.
Then, on the other side of my house I have a second fan that always works fine, and it is farther apart and fully installed in the wall.
When they are working they are perfect for what I need, I just wish I could get it to stay stable. At least the z-wave connection to the switch is good, I can sit there all day and turn the switch on and off and it works every time. If only the canopy would follow the switch every time too…

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Mine has worked flawlessly now for many months. No idea why, but made no changes to the switch.

Got too optimistic there for a bit. My living room fan/light switch stopped working. Next time I won’t say anything and maybe I won’t jinx it.


Is there any update on these? I attempted a firmware update on one and now it is unable to contact the canopy module. I’ve replaced with Treatlife switch in the meantime, but it is not ideal. I have two other LZW36 that are working okay, but I don’t dare attempt a firmware update on them.

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I seem to have run into this issue too.
I’ve had disconnection issues in the past, but I seemed to be able to resolve those once I poked the canopy module antenna slightly through the ‘dome’ of my fan.

Now, in my office (current temp ~87F… Ugh), my light/fan doesn’t respond to any commands from the switch.

I finally managed to get zwave-js to update the firmware to 1.36.1 (had to exclude, then include in S0 mode before the update would take), but it still seems to be having issues.
Switch responds to commands from the hub fine. (LEDs fade up/down, and my ‘notification’ automations that change LED color/pattern based on unlocked/open doors are also working fine.) It’s just the connection from the Switch to the Canopy that seems to be failing.

Notably, I have 3 LZW36s in the house. The other two appear to be okay (fingers crossed…), it’s just this one in the office.
(Notably, for whatever reason the office is the warmest room in the house, so temperature might very much be a factor.)

Just a bit of color and I did not read all the responses before posting so forgive me if it has been mentioned. I get these disconnects quite often and it prompted the swap of my switch at some point when i could not get it to reconnect. The second switch was a little better, but I still get disconnects often. I’ve found that using the dim control on the light generally works better to restore the connection than multiple attempts on the switch.

I have just replaced a fan/light fixure connected to a canopy module because the fan itself was developing a nasty grinding noise. Upon restoring mains power with the breaker, the canopy module went into pairing mode… the light was pulsing from 0-100% slowly.

I attempted to pair the switch and it failed… red LEDs. I removed the fixture and dangled the canopy module antenna out of the side of the housing, up at the ceiling… success. Green LEDs at the switch. I turned on the light, I turned on the fan… and now I can’t shut either of them off, by switch or z-wave.

This is my bedroom ceiling fixture. If I can’t get the light to turn off, at least, then I’m going to have to turn off the breaker to the entire room if I want to get some sleep. I’m probably a bit testy because this fixture install was a PITA, but not being able to turn off a light at the switch is an unacceptable outcome in any house, let alone a smart house. Any assistance would be great.

Tagging @EricM_Inovelli to see if he can help…

As a temporary solution you can pull the air gap tab out and that will cut power to the light for sleep.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. There’s no electrical connection between the switch and the canopy module. When I pull the air gap switch, there’s still 120V going to the module.

Ultimately, the light shut off by itself a few hours later. I wasn’t in the room when it happened, and there was no Z-wave activity, so it’s hard to attribute it to anything. After that, I turned the fan switch on and off maybe thirty times over the next hour trying to get the fan to shut off. It too turned off on its own a bit later. I didn’t see that happen either.

I haven’t turned either of them on since, and I’ve disabled all automations they’re in, for fear I won’t be able to turn them off.

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