Fan/Light Switch Disconnection Issue Thread

Not entirely sure if you are still compiling data for this topic. But here you go.

I have 3 LZW36 and only one is an issue. I have one rule machine script that turns the fan on if outside temp is greater than 30c (92f). This is how i found out that one fan/light switch is experiencing disconnection issues: Here are my answers to the question:

Date switch was purchased
**"June 28, 2021", "Aartech Canada"**
Approximate distance from switch to fan canopy
Approximate internal temperature (in house) and external temperature (outside)
**"Inside the house is about 20-24c, Outside is ranging from 20-40c"**
What is your hub/gateway (ie: SmartThings, Hubitat, etc)?
What firmware version are you on (if you don’t know, leave blank, but it’s helpful)?
"1,36 (beta)"
Have you made any parameter changes?
**"Yes, color of led (white)"**
Approximate wattage of your bulbs
Does the disconnection happen when using the fan, the light or both?
Do you notice any patterns (ie: time of day, time since last disconnection, etc)?

Hope this help resolving this issue.