Fan & Light Switch (Project Hurricane)

Since this thread is a mile long, I may have missed it … but now that switches are in production, is there any ETA on the color change paddles? It’d be nice if we could pre-order them so that they can arrive with the switches; unless they’re not going to be ready anytime soon.


Please let us know when the Zwave config files will be ready for HA users.

FYI – updated the thread – some really cool pics and a video that shows the project progressing nicely. All photos and videos were shared with permission of the manufacturer.

Thanks for the support, that really means a lot!

Great question – color change paddles should be available in August. Long story short, we’ve been pushing them for light almond for at least 6mo now and back and forth of how it’s a new material and (insert excuse here) they are combining this order (fan/light) with our light almond run of on/off & dimmers which will also be August.

Me either lol…

Will do! Tagging @EricM_Inovelli for a reminder when they’re ready.

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Surface Mount Technology (as apposed to Through Hole Tech in the dinosaur days :grin:). I can remember the days when I could read the silkscreen on 0603 devices. Now I’m lucky to be able to see them LOL! A lot of our boards are now using 0402 and 0201’s.

Edit: Thank them for sharing the video. To me, It’s like watching trains go by, never gets old :slight_smile:

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That was pretty cool to watch. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the update, so excited to get these setup!!

@EricM_Inovelli released the OZW XML yesterday, you can get it here:

does this XML work with OZW 1.4 or is it only for 1.6 forward?

It should work with OZW 1.4, but you will have to modify your zwcfg XML file. This is pretty normal for Home Assistant users with other devices (dimmer and switch) that support the central scene class.


Thank you, I’ve had to add the command class 91 before to get a dimmer working. I was just just wondering if there’s anything else that would stop it from working. Thanks for clarification.

Thinking of getting one of these for my 3 years old’s room. He obviously can’t reach the pull chain to turn the light on if it’s off, like at night when we have the fan running. I have some questions.

  1. There seems to be almost 2 second delay between when you hit the light button and the light turns on/off. Will this be any faster in the final retail version?

  2. When you increase the fan speed, I see you are clicking and holding the button for a few seconds. Can this be changed so just hitting up/down changes the speed without having to hold it?

  3. How toddler proof is the switch? If a certain someone decided to go mash all the buttons multiple times really fast, could the switch state fall out of sync with the receiver in the canopy or by Hubitat?

  4. I assume yes, but I need to ask, is it possible to completely disable configuring the switch from the switch?

Before I get this, I need to make sure my toddler will be able to use it. Though, honestly, I’m not worried much about him. If it can’t work the way my wife wants it to, then that’s the end of the story. She’ll hate it and make me take it out.

I’d say it’s definitely quicker than that – Idk maybe 0.5-1 second or so? The RF signal has to travel from the button to the canopy so there will be a slight delay, but it’s definitely quick.

Yeah, this was my fault – I didn’t realize you could also just tap it up or down (I’m used to the GE fan switch I have where you hold it) – so, you can definitely just tap it up/down to move the intervals up/down. Sorry for the confusion on this.

Well… this is relative I suppose. I have 4 girls, 3 of which have gone through the toddler phase (last one is still a baby) and they’ve never mashed any of my smart switches, so I’m not sure what to compare it to, however, you could set it so that the switch is entirely disabled during certain times of day (this will depend on what hub you have). But, let’s say things do get crazy and the toddler is going nuts on the switch – it shouldn’t cause the switch to disconnect from the RF canopy module. The only serious thing they could do is hold down a pair of buttons for 20 seconds and it will factory reset the switch. But he’d have to be pretty lucky in pressing both down at the same time :slight_smile:

Yes, you can certainly do this!

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I’ll never forget my first experience with SMT parts. I was still in college and doing my dinner internship. I needed to do some work on a board with a hot air rework station. I fired the thing up and proceeded to blow a couple dozen components clear off the board.

0603s are huge these days! I can hand solder 0402s but that’s as small as I go and it usually ain’t pretty. The rework tech I used to work with could do that stuff all day long along with fine pitch and leadless ICs and it would meet production standards. It was extremely impressive.

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Small anecdote… I ordered one of these on preorder when I was renovating my six year old daughter’s room in the house we just moved into. Now that it’s hot, we’re running her ceiling fan. She decided that tonight’s “I’ve been quarantined for three months and I’m losing my mind” freakout was going to be because she couldn’t turn her light on (can’t reach the pull string and the switch was already on for the fan). So I decided to show her the latest updates and the pictures of the switches being made. She decided she wants the one circled below… Hahaha. So get on that @Eric_Inovelli would ya? Haha :grinning:


@Eric_Inovelli Any new updates? It’s been about 2 weeks since manufacturing started so hopefully they are done (or close to it) and are on their way to the US.

FCC approval just passed for the canopy module :wink:


Yup, still on track for the 18th to finish :slight_smile: – I’ll post some more pictures shortly!

EDIT: Just posted videos instead :slight_smile: – The Z-Wave Switch Assembly one is pretty cool to watch.


I don’t think it will work with some of the newer fans that have an integrated receiver controller (can’t be removed so that you can insert the Inovelli module in its place). I have seen a couple of these now and I wonder if that is what yours is?

18th is the date production finishes?

Whats next from there? Do we have a general idea on when they will start shipping out to customers?