Fan & Light Switch (Project Hurricane)

Yes, correct, the 18th :slight_smile:

I’ll know more tonight on when the actual ship date is (I would assume either the 18th or 19th) but we’re shipping this first batch by air so we can get it here faster. If all goes as planned (haha…) it usually takes about 1.5-2wks to get to HQ and Amazon (USA). HQ will be faster and it’s where we’ll be fulfilling pre-orders. Amazon USA can take slightly longer due to us having to schedule a delivery and then it takes a bit to check everything in.

Once it’s checked into Amazon and they’ve verified it’s an actual product, we can open up to Amazon Canada. Once that takes place, we can ship some to Canada.

Hope that helps?!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the products are enroute to LAX and should arrive tomorrow (Sat the 20th). More info to come on clearing customs, but fingers crossed all goes smooth and we’ll get them next week to ship out to everyone!



WooHoo!!! Hope these are out the door soon!!! I have a failing Insteon Fanlinc (the last of my Insteon stuff) that has been misbehaving for 6 months just waiting for these to appear so I am super excited!!!

You guys should work on an in wall Z-Wave button controller like the Keypadlinc (but not-sucky). I find that is another thing in the z-wave world that is hard to come by… be awesome with 4 - 6 buttons that all have independent color/notification assignments… I will continue to dream!!!

(if that is already a thing someone please share).


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Updated the thread – switches cleared customs and are enroute to Inovelli HQ. We’re being told that they should arrive either tomorrow (Tuesday the 23rd) or Wednesday the 24th. More to come and we’ll keep you posted on if anything changes. Here’s the official email haha!


Not going to lie, that is some poor wording choice…I read recover as the plane crashed and they’ll manage to scrape a couple switches up for you.

Great news for those who have fans though! Wish I could’ve been apart of this buy!

Lol – right?! Had me a tad nervous.

Hi @Eric_Inovelli, all pre-orders will be fulfilled with this batch?

and in a flash my mind filled up with…


Yes – all pre-orders will be fulfilled with this batch :slight_smile:


Just in time for the hottest part of the summer…Can’t wait to get these switch swapped out at my house…

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Congrats on your z-wave certification!

I missed this was going to be 700 series!

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:fireworks: can’t wait any longer :fireworks:

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Thanks! I noticed that today too - was honestly waiting for you to comment lol :slight_smile:

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My son today said “I can count the days on one hand until I get my double blinky switch” today. Sure hope I make it to the top of the list :smiley: . His name is Kendrick, and he would LOVE a note or something special waiting for these. Not sure if this is the right place to request, but he is SO excited.


We got you :wink:


UPDATE: Shipment has arrived at HQ and we’ll be printing labels today to ship out tomorrow!

There was a hiccup with one of our Amazon shipments being held in customs, but that does not affect any pre-orders.


Got my shipping notice, its like Christmas Morning!!!


Got my shipping notice! Excited