Fan & Light Switch (Project Hurricane)

Might be easier to move to a new house! :wink:


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Random question re: two fans. I have one switch that controls two fans with lights. Would it be possible to have one of the fan and lights switches to control both fans? Assuming the power load is ok- would you do it with a master fan module and a secondary fan module that would mirror the master? If I already have switches that use RF currently activating the fans (MinkaAire brand)…any possibility of reusing those? or a way to purchase an innovelli fan module solo?

Is the instruction manual link dead for anyone else? It’s sending me here to nothing:

Edit: was trying to ensure if I needed any child DTH’s or anything to be prepped for install.

@kreene1987 - Try

There will be drivers to download for your Hub for sure.

Worked perfectly. Thanks! @Eric_Inovelli might want to update your website link.

Got the “parent” DTH but didn’t know if there were any child handlers. had the answer (there is!)!

Perfect. Man I am so excited…

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LOL just made it out actually :slight_smile:

Gotcha :slight_smile:

It’s updated with the correct driver now lol!

Yes, but there are a few limitations and we did not test this through UL – see a few threads up :crazy_face:

My bad – just updated! Thanks @harjms

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Got mine just now! Seems like I’m the first, or at least the first person excited enough to post about it!


Love it – thanks for posting – can’t wait to see the after pictures :slight_smile:

Got my just a moment ago… they look great…

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I HATE THE USPS, they said the deliver was attempted and no access to Porch, Driveway, or mailbox! THAT’S BS! COVID-19 we will see how long mine takes hopefully tomorrow or Monday! Every package for the last month has been late due to the virus.

Switch already mounted and purring along. Love it…now to have some fun with Hubitat.

One minor issue so far…when turning the light off it fades all the way off, but then turns back on and stays on (super dim though) Assuming it’s a LED power draw issue?



Shoutout for the oneplus @adriang809 . I loved mine!

@Eric_Inovelli and @EricM_Inovelli might agree too.

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hey its on par with the switches :+1:ive owned all since the first one came out… brand loyalty is something I’m not on when the customer service nd products are good.

Currently a Smartthings & Google assistant user…going to switch to hubitat once it’s back in stock, got my switches today and have been setting up.

Anyone have any tricks to have Google Assistant only use either the light or fan via voice control? Seems like every time I try and get it to activate, it will activate both switches

And just like that I figured it out. Renamed the Main device in Google Home to a bogus name, without this Google would turn the ‘main’ switch on or off when asking it to turn the fan or light on/off which would turn everything on/off.
Renamed the light to “Bedroom Light” and renamed the fan to “Bedroom Fan”. Works now!


Same here, parameter 5 for minimum light level is default to lowest setting.
I’ve had this same fixture on a Hampton Bay Zigbee switch and a Sonoff flashed with Tasmota without seeing the dim light…

edit1: also I’m not seeing entity updates in HA if toggled from the switch
edit2: can’t seem to get dimmer to slide below 3 (same dim as powered off?)

Anyone figure out Breeze Mode yet? I saw it in the OP post and the YouTube video but I can’t find any information on how to actually activate!

Has anyone got this working in Home Assistant? It shows up as a singe entity (light) and turning it on or off also turns the fan on/off. Raising/lowering brightness also raises lowers the fan.

Edit: It looks like their own instructions shows it as a single entity… Need a work around here.