Fan Switch - Is it available?

I was watching a video on the inovelli web site and it seemed to indicate that there is a fan switch that has been released. I know there is the fan + light switch remote switch but I am not interested in that. I would like to see how I can get the fan switch with speed control from Inovelli.

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Great question – not yet, we’re still in beta testing :slight_smile: – I’m not sure on an actual release date yet, we’re targeting by end of the year!


For any of the previous project updates and future ones.

Thanks for the update on timing. I’ve been waiting for this to come out, too.


Hi @Eric_Inovelli,

Any idea when preorders will be open for the new fan switch? I’m so looking forward to ripping out the janky Jasco ones I have today!



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Great question – I’d like to wait until the Blue Series 2-1’s are at least shipping before opening up pre-orders, but I may be able to be convinced. I just always feel bad when we’re selling something with no actual stock, let alone multiple products :confused:

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@Eric_Inovelli Thanks for the reply. With the Blue Series 2-1 just around the corner (cross-fingers) hopefully that will be soon. An Inovelli-quality Blue Series fan controller to replace things like the janky Jasco is a really appealing proposition.

Definitely, it’s been performing really well in beta testing so there shouldn’t be too much to do other than place an order!


I have three fans that wouldn’t mind beta testing for you :wink: In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to them so I can swap out my fan switches. Every switch in the house will then be Inovelli once my preorders show up!

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