Fan Switch Issues

I ordered 2 Blue fan switches but they only included (Home Assistant) as regular light switches (ON-OFF only). Technical support was not able to resolve or explain and I returned the switches.

That’s weird. I’m sure there’s quite a few of HA users using them as fan switches.

Was that through zha or zigbee2mqtt?


@asbril Here is your fix until it gets sorted with ZHA. I believe Z2M is displaying properly.

Could also do it as a template sensor if you’re more comfortable going that route.


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We will be releasing a firmware update that includes another endpoint that is a fan endpoint. In zha it should have a dimmer endpoint and a fan endpoint that both control the fan. Users can disable the dimmer endpoint if they would like (or the fan endpoint). The reason we keep the dimmer endpoint is so that the device can be bound to dimmer devices and control them remotely.

Good news. Let us know when we can buy these switches WITH this updated firmware. Thanks

That may be a bit until new stock is received;however @Courtney_Inovelli or @Eric_Inovelli may be able to flash it prior to shipping if you are unable to OTA update it yourself.

That would work for me as I prefer not having to do that myself. I’d start with one and if it works, then I buy 2 more.

Honestly depending on your hub, it takes about 5 minutes to complete so it’s really not difficult.

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