Firmware Update - Any updates?

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Hello, please do you have any updates on the firmware update? In particular, any plan on when it’d be released and if it’d add the ability to select how long the delay for a 2nd push of the paddle would be?


Hey great question! I’ll let @EricM_Inovelli jump in if I miss something here, but we’re wrapping up final testing on the dimmers right now (we chose to start there bc it’s a much more complex switch).

I don’t have a release date, but I’d guess within the next couple weeks at the latest on the dimmers.

As for the instant on, we’re still pushing the manufacturer on that one. The problem we’re running into is that we literally maxed out the amount of space on the device so we can’t add any new features for the 500 Series - we can only fix known bugs.

So, what I think we can push for is a modified version that maybe removes features to make room for others, but we’ll have to start a thread and work with the manufacturer to see what we can take out to add this feature in.

We wanted to at least start with bugs first.

More to come!

There is always Plan B - Release a 700 Series version, and offer a trade in program :smiley:

@Eric_Inovelli Is there a list or road map of firmware plans for this and upcoming releases? I could not find anything in the forum except references to “that requires a firmware update”. I am especially interested in the dim level association between red dimmers (i.e. 2 reds used in a 3 way configuration) showing the same dim level. In November you said “the problem here is that the dimmer status indicators won’t sync (we’re going to try to work on this for the next firmware update)” Is that being tested for this release?

I would love to use these in that capacity in many locations of my house if that feature was available.

Carl (born in Kalamazoo)

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Yessir, there is!

So, we had high hopes and ambitions to do a lot of these updates, but they’ve been shot down by the manufacturer in that there simply isn’t any room on the MCU or Z-Wave chip (we actually have two separate targets bc there’s so many advanced features on these switches that the memory has been fully used).

We do plan on launching a 700 Series version of these switches, but likely not until the end of the year or beginning of 2021.

Hope this helps shed some light and we’ll also be updating these pages as we know more (possibly we can make some alternate versions of the firmware where some functionality can be taken out in order to make room for other features.

Ok I’ve tried really hard to refrain from asking and to be patient but since you’re on any chance persistent notifications made the cut? I.E. notifications return after button press? Also thank you guys for all your hard work!

Lol it’s ok - yes, this made the cut and has been fixed :slight_smile:


I almost bought ~15 Red dimmers thinking it was going to be added!

An alternate firmware would be good as well. I would be interested how many people need/use the on switch programming capability vs using their hub/gateway. I’m guessing anyone with hub programming capability would give up the switch programming capability for added features!



I’ve got about 40+ red switches/dimmers in my house. I would definitely like a choose your own adventure (I mean options) for firmware options. Being right at the limit of memory is never easy and that are a few feature I would love to have. Like turn off speed slower than turning on. Maybe we can get more memory spave if the verbiage is shortened on what things means in the firmware :slight_smile:
Thanks guys!!
Stay safe.

Oh, that’s interesting. I don’t even know if that’s something that would be possible, but I love the idea. Software for uploading the firmware that has a menu of features to choose from. The software could–at least in theory–let the user know whether their selected options would fit on the device. I’m sure it would be a huge lift, but I don’t know of anyone else out there that’s doing anything like it.

Yes, this exactly.
I run HomeSeer. HomeSeer has full support for Z-Wave parameters. Therefore all the local config stuff is wasted on me. If there was a firmware version that dumped all local configuration I’d install it in a hot second. Even if the only function it added was turning the config button into an extra scene control key with multitap ability.

Same here. It’s much easier to program things from my phone or my laptop so I never use the on switch programming. Would love a firmware that gets rid of that and adds features instead!

Any development on the 700 series version of the switches ?


Hey, Eric actually mentioned the 700 series (link below), but they’re stuck with year-long lead times on any new chipsets so my expectation is we’ll be waiting a bit longer Auxiliary Switch | Project Golden Rule - #67 by Eric_Inovelli

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Thank for the info

My #1 wish for a 700 series switch is that they are made a bit narrower and less depth. I had to hire an electrician to install my 500 series Red dimmers as I simply couldn’t get them into a 2 gang box myself. It was so hard to squeeze them in that a couple of my 2 gang boxes are on a slight angle.

99% of what I do with my switches is either turn then on from the main switch or the config button (which turns on the same lights but at a dimmed setting). I’m using a Hubitat C7 hub and right now the default setting is only applied if the light is off. So I not only have to write a rule to set the config button level (button 7 pushed), but I also have to write a rule for a button 1 push to set it at 100%. That is, without a button 1 push rule, if I first push the config button I could not get the light to 100% with just a button 1 push. So I would like to see that the default setting for the switch gets applied even if the switch is already on.

The other problem I have is that at any given random moment a rule turning on a light just won’t run or takes about 30 seconds or so. Naturally, there is no such problem turning on a light that has its load connected to a switch. So what I would like to see is that we could send a setting for the config button that would then be permanently stored onboard the switch. That would eliminate the need for a rule to work to turn on a light at the config button’s dim setting if the switch was connected to the light’s load.

I use red dimmers for both ends of my 3 ways and getting them to sync not only the LED but to smoothly dim from both sides is a real pain. I would love to see that overhauled.

Separate on/off ramp speeds would be great too. I figured out a way to create a Hubitat Rule Machine rule that sets the ramp speed to zero when it is turned off (so it is fast the next time it is turned on) and then sets the ramp speed to 3 when it is turned on (so it fades out when turned off). That works, but is a major pain to set up such a rule for every switch and adds that much more overhead to be run each time. It would be vastly nicer if I could just set a param for ramp on/ramp off in the device settings

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