Firmware updates?

Newbie here, now I have my first 8 Inovelli switches working correctly, I’m wondering about firmware updates. From what I can tell from poking around the community here, the ST hub (I have the original one) doesn’t do OTA updates for Inovelli right? (unless maybe the newer ST hubs do).

So I’m looking at a Z-stick? Which is the best one for a Mac? (I could do Windows if need be).


ST doesn’t support OTA yet, and the OC Controller software is Windows only (frown). I have a spare windows pc for this reason. I didn’t try a VM on Mac though. Could work.

I hear ya on the Windows dilemma. I run Bootcamp on my MacBook and it works great :blush:

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Ugh…it’s saddening when you see no .tgz or .dmg files available.


Any recommendations on a Z-stick? the Aoetec Z-stick seems to be the most mentioned …

Thanks all!

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@snowball - This is the one I use:

Thanks – And in terms of software it’ll run the Z-Wave PC Controller?

Yes. Has no issues.

@snowball – this one is by far my favorite. I have the Aeotec one too, but seem to always run into issues with it. The one has never let me down!

Ordered, we’ll see how the firmware updates go! – Thanks!

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@harjms Keyword to me here “YET” ! Any idea when this could be possible? I have 8 Inovelli devices with 6 more on the way, so I do not see myself doing it manually, unfortunately (don’t have the time anymore =/)

Do they have to be taken off of the ST hub to do this? Or can I add the PC stick asa secondary controller?

We’re in the beta program with them and I can say that they are definitely working on this, however due to an NDA, I can’t give you anything more than that :frowning:

I saw this post the other day where it sounded like they were able to add in the Z-Stick as a secondary controller:

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You can use it as a secondary controller to update the firmware. I don’t promote it as I have seen people mess up things on their network. If you are careful though the process is pretty safe and similar to what is shown in our KB. You just need to make sure do a “request node info” on the switch to see if it is using security. The controller needs to know if it needs to update the firmware with security or not.

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