Firmware v1.47 (Beta) | LZW31-SN | Dimmer - Red Series (Gen 2)

We are releasing a beta firmware for LZW31-SN users as a follow up to v1.45. It has a few bug fixes but notable features are:

Parameter 51 to disable the 700ms delay from when you press the physical on/off buttons. This is similar to what we released on the switch a bit ago.

Parameter 52. Enable this to put the dimmer into “smart bulb” mode for better compatibility with Hue and Lifx.

More information can be found in the link below. I will try to update the SmartThings device hanlder and the Hubitat driver tonight, but for those of you using systems that allow you to set the parameters manually, you can try these out right now.

This firmware should be stable, but if there are any issues, please let us know.


WAF’s tonight!!!


I have posted the updated device handler for SmartThings and the updated driver for Hubitat. I’ve been testing both of the new features (“instant on” & “smart bulb mode”) and they have been working great so far. Interested to see how others feel. Especially those that were having smart bulb issues.

@EricM_Inovelli It appears the target 0 link is just raw code not downloadable.

Agree, but I went to the and right clicked/download link and it worked.

Can you help me understand the smart bulb mode a bit better? Should I be using this for my ilumin circuits?

Thank you so much for this!!! You guys rock.
Exactly what I been waiting for

Thanks, @kreene1987, I would say yes to using this on your ilumin as it provides full 100% power to the smart bulb.

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I just flashed a switch which controls two Ilumni bulbs with both files and then configured it for instant on via parameter 51. The bulbs are controlled using two associations - groups 2 and 4. The instant on works great but the bulbs do not respond to the dimming on the switch until the switch is turned off and then back on. However, when the bulbs come back on they are at the new intensity level.

The out-of-the box behavior was different. The bulbs would dynamically adjust while holding up or down on the rocker.

My wife literally said “Holy $hit these are fast now!”

Congrats guys, WAF at full again.

Testing 5 switches to see if freezing issue is eliminated.


Do you still have local control disabled (relay disabled) and the dimmer turned up to 99%?

Just want to make sure power isn’t getting cut to the bulbs.

EricM, are we supposed to re-enable local control with smart switch mode (the new parameter)? Will the switch indicate the dimming function of the smart bulbs yet?

The switch is on a separate circuit from the bulbs and no longer controls anything. Originally it controlled one side of an outlet as was/is required by code for every room in a house with no ceiling fixture. I rewired the outlet so that the switch receives power only and no longer provides control to the outlet. And then use the switch to control the two bulbs via zwave association.

Nothing is disabled in the switch.

Weird thing happened this round on switch 4, the .bin flashing to the target 1 was going at like lightning speed, then at about 350 it stopped and the bar and lights started flickering like crazy. I pulled the air gap and started the update again with normal results. Just figured that might be part of the issues others had been having, make sure the entire firmware update is pushed and you give it time to reset (30 secs or so) after finishing either target push!

Trying to find the setting for parameter 51 in the new hubitat driver but can’t seem to find it. Is it staring at me and I’m just missing it somewhere?

@bgreet - Did you upgrade the driver code?

I did and version update mentions 7/17 update but I don’t have anything when I go into the device settings for some reason

I see now. Agree I don’t have those options in the Hubitat window. @EricM_Inovelli -Are we suppose to manually push these configurations? (Note I haven’t upgraded to .47 so maybe it’s hidden?)

Oops, they were in the code but not enabled. They should be there now.