Firmware v1.57 (Production) | LZW31-SN | Dimmer - Red Series (Gen 2)

Update: 9/23/2021 This version is now the latest production version.

This is a small update that is meant to enhance the consistency of aux switches in 3-way mode when neutral is being used.

Firmware Change-log: LZW31-SN - Dimmer Switch (Red Series) (

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Thank you! I’ll give it a try and report back soon.

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Thanks a bunch, will update and report back. If I already have 1.44, should I still flash it again (Target 1)?

Historically I haven’t had to and it reports just fine. One user’s perspective.

@EricM_Inovelli I flashed version 1.57 and it works perfectly. This software corrected my issues with aux switches in common wired 4way configuration. Both aux’s work exactly as expected (on/off/dim).


So I flashed one of my switches to the new firmware last night and sadly have nothing but issues now. After flashing it left my dimmer in a state where it is always on and the attached light is pulsing between like 80% to 100%. If I pull the air gap and time the zwave command just right I can get the light to turn off but its only during the boot up. While it is turned off I am able to do a few things but nothing “works”. I tried excluding it from the network, the switch will blink like it is supposed to but never actually does anything. I tried holding for 20 seconds to factory reset but that doesn’t do anything, I can hold it for a full minute and nothing happens. Once the light turns on and I have missed the window to send the zwave off command the light is stuck on indefinitely until I pull the air gap again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Forgot to add, I was able to flash it back down to 1.55 and once again to 1.52 and its still in the same state.

Yikes, can you make sure the .bin was also flashed?

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1.57 has been rock solid for me on 3 switches since release. Zero issues to report.


Yes, Target 0 was updated to 1.57, when it started causing issues I fiddled with it until I got it to a usable state and then flashed Target 1 to 1.44. When that still had the issue I then started downgrading from 1.57 to 1.55 then to 1.52. I have not downgraded Target 1 at all so its current state is 1.52 and 1.44.

There are some users that have had to do a factory reset after installing this firmware. Can you pull the air gap tab to reboot the device and then try a factory reset by holding the config button until the LEDs turn Red?


I’ve actually tried that a few times and while other random config button commands “work” when I hold it for 20 seconds it never does anything. It’s almost like it doesn’t register a hold of the config button.

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HomeAssistant / Z-Wave JS2MQTT user here. Upgraded from 1.52/1.43 to 1.57/1.44 - appears I lost ‘double-tap config’ functionality. ‘Double-tap up/down’ works fine, just my sweet double config scenes are broken. I adjusted the tap delay from 0 (defaulted after upgrade) to 7 and no change. Note the JS2MQTT panel in Home Assistant shows the updated value 7, but still shows 100ms as the delay parameter.

@badmin - I think this is showing 700ms. The [7]Custom is the time and 100ms is the unit. Try hitting the little arrow/airplane button again to make sure the change is resent to the switch and also resend the next parameter Button ‘Delay and Scene Control’ (Enabled) again to make sure the switch has that.

Then check the logs to see if the scene command is coming through to zwave. it should look something like this:

2021-07-10 06:28:06.063 INFO ZWAVE: Node 2: value notification: 91-0-scene-002 3

Good luck!

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@badmin Builder is 100% correct. You are setting how many 100ms increments you want. I think the zj2m dashboard could be a bit more clear (and we need to get descriptions in there more effectively), but you have it properly set for a 700ms delay.

Another resource if you haven’t seen it is Check it out!


Thanks @BuilderTroy and @kreene1987 - silly false-flag that I figured out minutes after posting, but couldn’t find this damn post until someone commented. Agree zj2m dashboard could be a little more clearer in this case, although the ‘100ms increments’ is pretty obvious (to me) now.

On the broken double-tap config observation - any idea if this is a bug, justme, or WAD? I seem to remember seeing something about ‘double-tap config now clears animations’ or similar in one of the beta firmware versions… I’d hate to lose this feature - just starting to add double-tap config automations (close garage door if it’s open / switch led is yellow or red, turn off area lights if it’s closed / switch led is blue).

Double tap config SCENE was added, but then had to be removed to fit other fixes.

It will still dismiss a notification, but you won’t get a scene for it anymore. Single config still works.


Copy that Ghost Rider, thanks.

No sure if this is a firmware issue or driver issue, but I have noticed that my switches are not updating status when turned on and off. If I force a refresh, the status changes.

The driver I’m using is dated: 2021-06-30
also tried native Hubitat driver "Inovelli Z-wave Smart Scene Dimmer S2 "with the same results

Any ideas ?

Update: I downgraded one of my switches back down to 1.48 (no security) and status is working.
Update2: Upgraded to 1.57 with no security this time and status updates are working. It must be a bug with S2 and Hubitat

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Do you have any switches that are still doing this? Can you try to pull the air gap out of one and push it back in? Also, can you try a Hubitat reboot?