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Firmware v2.30 (Beta) | LZW42 | RGBW Bulb

We are releasing a beta firmware for LZW42. This firmware addresses performance issues seen on some hubs.

This firmware should be stable, but if there are any issues, please let us know. We have been testing this privately for the last week or so with great results.

Hubitat link for @bcopeland Z-Wave Updater Tool:

Other than the long update time I haven’t encountered any issues with my bulbs. I’ve been testing since the silent release of this version.

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FYI here’s a video of the restaurant next door with 30+ bulbs. It’s lightning fast.


So when are you releasing the “marketing” video talking about this project? It looks like a great little mini-case study or something. The hub running this really needs some credit too :wink:

@Eric_Inovelli I think we found who planted the bug in our office…


I’ve already ruffled enough feathers for the month lol.

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I don’t know what you are talking about… How’s that new internet upgrade working for ya :wink:

This is a safe place to admit you’ve seen the light :joy:

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Alexa, is that you?

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I’ve got 4 in a ceiling fan fixture and just updated to this version of fw ant it’s so fast now it actually makes this video look slow, and the video is quite fast. We’re talking milliseconds here. Well worth the upgrade

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When I first checked the logs it was just over 1.7 seconds for 36 bulbs to change. Milliseconds is right.

Thanks for testing it out!

Does this need any device handler upgrades/changes on ST or is it just the firmware?

Mostly the firmware. @EricM_Inovelli did we have a new device handler for the bulbs?

I’m new to this, so… how can I upgrade them? do I need any extra hardware?

@frcastellanos - Depends on what hub you’re using. If using Hubitat, you can use @bcopeland Hubitat Updater tool; if using ST, you’re SOL and need a Z-Wave Stick and Windows PC (VM or bare metal).

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I got a ST hub, so… no upgrade for me :unamused:

I would just buy -

Download PC Controller 5.39 (free) and use Windows PC. It’ll be quicker than waiting on ST to start utilizing OTA updates…

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I have these bulbs installed with a dumb on/off switch, and noticed that after upgrading the firmware there is now a noticeable flash of light (most likely the default color setting at 100% brightness) before they return to their previous color / dim state when they are turned on. I didn’t notice this happening before upgrading.

It doesn’t require any device handler updates for SmartThings I believe. There may be some additional optimizations that can be made in the handler so I will check into that. As is there should be a big performance boost with just the firmware update.

@wak47 Let me see if I can figure that out. As far as I know the only firmware update changes were relating to the color reporting so that surprises me a little.

@jody indicated as such. Just wanted to follow up. I was encouraged to use the RGBW Light by Jody, but lost color control, so I’m back on the Inovelli DTH train.

Let me know, thanks for following up!